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Tuba MELTON MW64502-2-0GB



Bore: .748"/.846" (5th rotary valve on the wide side of the tuning slide (right hand thumb operated) / 19 - 21,5 mm. 

Bell: 18.9" / 480 mm. 

Height: 37.2" / 94,5cm. 

4 Piston Steel Valve. 

1st, 3rd, and 4th valve slide string pull stops, interchangeable tuning bits, PVAK valve alignment system. 

Silver plated finish and silver plated handcrafted from sheet metal finish. 

Gig Bag Melton case and accesories. 

The new orchestral CC-Tuba 6450 “Baer” was developed together with Alan Baer, the tubist with the New York Philharmonic orchestra. Mr. Baer needed a large orchestral CC tuba that would exhibit the flexibility to create an immense amount of sound without sacrificing core or clarity.  While on tour with the New York Philharmonic, Meinl Weston brought Mr. Baer’s ideas to reality and created this new model together with him.

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Tuba MELTON MW64502-2-0GB

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