Caps for baritone saxophone

Caps for baritone saxophone

In this section you can buy a baritone sax cap mouthpiece and compare the different options that we have made available to you. BG cap mouthpiece for saxophone, Vandoren cap mouthpiece or Omnicap Silverstein cap mouthpiece are some of thecap mouthpieces that you can see and compare.

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BONADE Cap inverted gold lacquered for baritone sax

Gold lacquered. For inverted baritone ligature..

11.99€ Ex Tax: 9.91€


Small enough to fit in a narrow case Works with or without a reed affixed Works for all types of ligatures including the Prelude from Silverstein Secures and protects delicate mouthpiece tip and reed Protects mouthpiece rail ..

16.99€ Ex Tax: 14.04€

Rico Baritone Saxophone Cap

The Rico cap features a soft, over-molded plastic design. Each cap features rails that fit snugly against the mouthpiece. Made of flexible material, the Rico cap will not break or chip if dropped.  ..

18.99€ Ex Tax: 15.69€

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