Other accessories for flute

Other accessories for flute

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BG A15 protector

Prevents plating allergy..

4.00€ Ex Tax: 3.31€

BG A65U pad dryer

Quickly absorbs moisture underneath pads. Leaves no residue. BG microfibre washable. last 5 years + , 1000's of use. Valid for Clarinets, Oboe, Bassoon, Flute. ..

3.49€ Ex Tax: 2.88€

BG A68N cover

Waterproof nylon..

19.00€ Ex Tax: 15.70€

BG A68R cover

Micro fiber and swarovski details..

30.00€ Ex Tax: 24.79€

BG DKF Flute Kit

Included: 1x A15. Fingers of the flute perfectly placed thanks to the place fingers BG for flute. Made in France, these hand marks for holding the instrument are made of a white synthetic material that leaves no residue.1x A65 U. Pad Driver..

11.00€ Ex Tax: 9.09€

CLARKE Tin Whistle Set

Tin Whistle in D. Guide book. CD. Gift package. ..

29.99€ Ex Tax: 24.79€

JUPITER JRS700 Saxonett

Key of C. Wood. The wooden body gives it a vibrant and warm sound. The Jupiter Saxonett JRS700 Germen fingering wooden saxonett is with clarinet mouthpiece mounted to a recorder body. It makes perfect link between a recorder and a saxo..

60.00€ Ex Tax: 49.59€

MONACOR screwdriver set

6 talls. 1.0 mm. 1.4 mm. 2.0 mm. 2.4 mm.3.0 mm. 3.5 mm. Case included.  ..

8.99€ Ex Tax: 7.43€

Mute MUTEFLUTE for recorder 2-3 Days

Mute MUTEFLUTE for recorder

For YAMAHA and Hönner school recorder. Mute your recorder for study or practice while others players playing..

1.59€ Ex Tax: 1.31€

Silicone flute plugs

5 pieces transparent..

4.99€ Ex Tax: 4.12€

SILVERSTEIN OmniGuard Lip Protector Out Of Stock

SILVERSTEIN OmniGuard Lip Protector

The omniguard is perfect solution for mainaining a healthy, non-traumatized lip for both single and double-lip wind instrument musicians. It is easy to apply, using the most advanced pliable material assuring a perfect fit. No dental models are ..

28.00€ Ex Tax: 23.14€

TON KOOIMAN Prima Thumb rest for flute

TON KOOIMAN Prima Thumb rest for saxophone. A better, relaxed position of the right hand thumb enhances both the relaxation and the freedom of the movement of the other fingers, making technical phareses easier to play. TK Thumb rests reduces ti..

22.99€ Ex Tax: 19.00€

U-Trainer Woodwind Set

Basic training device for wind players. Successfully playing a brass instrument requires a correlation between lip tensity and the tubing length of each brass instrument. The lip tensity is dependent on embouchutre muscles reacting to the flowin..

25.99€ Ex Tax: 21.48€

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