Other accessories for french horn

Other accessories for french horn

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BERP Practice french horn adapter

Trainer for french horn..

20.00€ Ex Tax: 16.53€

K-SES French Horn Hand Guard

High quality leather from Spain. Made in Spain..

15.00€ Ex Tax: 12.40€

LA MUSA corrector Horn

Ring with handle to view / correct vibration simulating the effect of a metal nozzle..

9.99€ Ex Tax: 8.26€

LEATHER SPECIALTIES Fhrap 5188 French Horn Holding Strap

Handmade.  Leather Specialties Fhrap is a left hand guard with holding strap. It attached easily all french horns. ..

29.99€ Ex Tax: 24.79€

Markus Arnold Buzz-R French Horn

8,5 mmBuzz-R approach trainer for all brass instruments. Handmade in Germany. The BUZZ-R is made of fine sound wood. Insert the mouthpiece and adjust the resistance by closing the holes. The cork can be removed for cleaning purpos..

39.00€ Ex Tax: 32.23€

MONACOR screwdriver set

6 talls. 1.0 mm. 1.4 mm. 2.0 mm. 2.4 mm.3.0 mm. 3.5 mm. Case included.  ..

8.99€ Ex Tax: 7.43€

NEOTECH Brass Wrap for french horn

Ultra-comfortable padding makes long sessions easier. Neoprene pad protects against moisture. Non-slip backing keeps it firmly in place. Stretches to fit your instrument. Touch fasteners allow for quick on-and-off. 2 sizes:&n..

8.00€ Ex Tax: 6.61€

ORTOLÁ Penci holder 7143

ORTOLÁ 7143. Penci holder. Material: sintetic. ..

7.00€ Ex Tax: 5.79€

PROTEC M2 Trumpet/Frech Horn Mute Sock

Perfect storage solution for spare mutesFor small brass mutes including trumpet straight, bucket, wah, and French horn straight mutes. Made of durable and non-abrasive, breathable nylex Drawstring closure: Easy and secure while still access..

12.00€ Ex Tax: 9.92€

U-Trainer Brasswind Set

Basic training device for wind players. Successfully playing a brass instrument requires a correlation between lip tensity and the tubing length of each brass instrument. The lip tensity is dependent on embouchutre muscles reacting to the flowin..

32.99€ Ex Tax: 27.26€

UpSound for French Horn

Traditionally, we practice mouthpiece exercises sending out sounds and vibrations that because of their positioning and harmonic resistance have not similitude with the ones produced by the instrument. This is due to the levels of intraoral pressure ..

115.00€ Ex Tax: 95.04€

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