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Find the tuba you need because we have prepared the best prices in Europe. Whether you're looking to buy a beginner's tuba or a student tuba, we have prepared the widest range at the best price, so you can find an affordable tuba that suits your needs with brands like Arnolds & Sons, Consolat de Mar, La Musa, or Jupiter, among others. For professionals, we have added the best brands of professional tuba as well as orchestra tuba in Fa, Sib, or Do, and Conservatory Tuba such as B&S, Melton, or Eastman.

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If you are looking for a tuba, then you have come to the right place. At La Musa Instrumentos, we have the best brands of tubas in the market.

If you are looking to buy a beginner's tuba or a student tuba, we have the widest range at the best price, so you can find an affordable tuba that suits your needs with brands like Arnolds & Sons, Consolat de Mar, La Musa Instruments, Jupiter, among others.

For professionals, we have outstanding brands of professional tuba, as well as orchestra tubas in Fa, Sib, or Do, and Conservatory Tuba like B&S, Melton, or Eastman.

Explore all the proposals from La Musa Instrumentos and choose according to your needs. If you have any doubts, go to the customer service section and contact our advisors – they are ready to assist you!

What type of instrument is a tuba?

For those who are starting in the musical world, it is important to know what type of instrument a tuba is before deciding to buy one. The first thing to know is that it belongs to the brass family and can vary according to its structure, size, and tuning.

Its sound is so versatile that it fits well with various types of musical genres, providing a bright and splendid tone to the ears of all music lovers. Since its origin in 1835, it has undergone several modifications, and although it sounds very similar to the trumpet, it is usually used as a bass instrument within orchestras and musical groups.

The sound of the tuba is produced by the vibration of the lips when blowing into the mouthpiece, the smallest part located at one end of the instrument.

Types of tuba 

Do you know the types of tubas? La Musa Instrumentos teaches you everything you need to know to buy a tuba. 

Generally, people believe that all tubas are the same, but this is a mistake. The reality is that there are various types, and they are classified as follows:

By sound 

  • Flugelhorn: its shape is most similar to the trumpet, but it is shorter. It has a soft sound and in orchestras, it accompanies flutes and clarinets.
  • Tenor Tuba: also known as baritone flugelhorn, euphonium, or bombardino. It is tuned in B-flat and has a fairly high-pitched sound. It is the ideal instrument for soloists. 
  • Bass Tuba: usually tuned in E-flat or F. They are an old model; however, they are still present in classical orchestras and jazz bands. Their structure is large and heavy (16 to 18 kilograms), which is why performers remain seated while playing them. 
  • Contrabass Tuba: it is the favorite tuba for professionals. Tuned in C or B-flat, it produces clear and low notes. It comes in models with four valves and six valves, and the musician chooses depending on the number of sounds they want to produce. 

By material of manufacture 

  • Metal Tubas: are the most common in bands and orchestras. They are made of a combination of copper and zinc, and other metals are also used for valves, pistons, and keys. 
  • Fiberglass Tubas: unlike metal tubas, they are lighter. They have sound quality but maintain the same price as a traditional tuba. 

By position

  • Chest Tuba: the design is vertical and compact, making it easy to grip. They are mostly used in orchestras and symphonic bands.
  • Mobile Tuba (sousaphone): it has a circular shape to surround the tubist's waist and back, allowing them to stand and dance to the rhythm of the melody. Its weight rests on the shoulder, and the right hand directs the pistons. They have larger mouthpieces than other types of tubas. 

Which tuba to buy? Which is best for me?

The musical instrument market is very extensive, and for those in full learning, buying a tuba can be confusing. If you are a beginner and undecided, we give you some very useful recommendations in case you want to buy a cheap tuba of quality:

  1. Pay attention to the size: the tuba is a large and heavy instrument, and its structure usually indicates the type of sound it emits. The larger ones (6/4) are used in orchestras and bands. In contrast, the smaller ones (3/4 and 4/4) provide a less deep sound, ideal for solo performances and are considered tubas for beginners, students, children, and girls. 
  2. Always choose quality: if it is essential for you to find an affordable tuba, enter our catalog and take a look at the offers we have on tuba brands. 
  3. Choose a model suitable for your ability: tubas with 4 valves are easier to play, therefore, they facilitate the learning process for beginners. Those with 6 valves are more commonly used at a professional level.  

Where to buy a tuba?

To buy a tuba, you don't have to leave your home. All you have to do is access La Musa Instrumentos from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and you will see all the tuba alternatives available in the market. 

Are you afraid of buying a tuba online? Don't worry! We offer completely secure payment gateways, and all the instruments available in our stock are handled only by professional musicians, so your purchase will arrive in excellent condition at the address you provide.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

➤What is the price of a tuba?

Tubas are offered at different prices. The simplest and most economical ones are around €900. A professional tuba with 6 pistons can vary from €1,100 to €21,300. If you want the price of a specific tuba, you will find the brand or model you are looking for in this category. 

➤How difficult is it to play a tuba?

The tuba and euphonium are simple instruments to play, as long as you have the help of a good instructor. With dedication and perseverance, you can master this musical instrument more easily. 

➤What are the best brands?

In our online store, we bring together only the best for you. Arnold & Sons, Jupiter, Consolat, Melton, La Musa, and Roy Belton are just some of the alternatives available in the catalog. If you find it difficult to choose, get in touch with our advisors. 

At La Musa Instrumentos, you will find the best service and the best value for money.

Bb. 4/4. (small). Gravity Model. Bore: .728"/.768" / 18,5 mm - 19.5 mmBell: 17.3" / 4..
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Cerveny CBB 696-4-O Kaiser Tuba 5-7 delivery days
Series: 96. Model: Kaiser. Tuning: Sib. Size: 6/4. Cylinders 5 (5R + 0L). M..
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Cerveny CBB 682-5R-O Jubilant Tuba Pre-Order
Series: 82. Model: Jubilant. Tuning: Sib. Size: 4/4. Cylinders 5 (5R + 0L). ..
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