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TAKEDA Contrabassoon Pre-Order

TAKEDA Contrabassoon

Mountain Maple, 10 Years Natural Dried. Striped Pattern. Silver-Plated. Extend yo Contra B♭Double E♭ Key with Tuning Slide, 440-443 Hz12 Rollers ( Low-B♭ / B / C / C♯ / D / D♯ / E (Two Parts) / B♭ / F / F♯ / A♭ )3 Way Adjustable BellMo..

13,699.00€ Ex Tax: 11,321.49€

OSCAR ADLER & CO 1369 Double Bassoon

Till subcontra-Bb 11 rollers on C and Eb (wing joint) / Eb and C# (left little finger) / F, F# and Ab (right little finger) / C and D (left thumb) / Bb and F# (right thumb) Ab key for right thumb Complete wooden body Compact design Stepless adjustabl..

24,900.00€ Ex Tax: 20,578.51€

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