With a large catalog of Flutes, as well as all its accessories, we can advise you if you are looking for an initiation flute or a professional transverse flute. We also have alto flute, bass flute or piccolos. Brands such as Muramatsu Flute, Sankyo, Miyazawa, Pearl, Jupiter, Di Zhao, Roy Benson, Eastman, Haynes, Altus Flute, and accessories such as Bam Cases, K-SES, Hagerty flute cleaners or Hercules stands, among others.

Originally made of wood, the traditional transverse flute did not have keys and mechanisms as we know it today, but instead had a cylindrical tube and simple oriented holes for the emission of different sounds. Theobald Böhm perfected the instrument in the 19th century by improving the manufacturing method and adding new functions to the key-and-hole mechanism, which in turn made fingering easier.

At present the mechanism of the flute is very varied as well as the termination and we can find different finishes and materials. Silver-plated Alpaca is the most common material for initiation flutes, solid silver is the most used professionally, and gold or platinum are the most exclusive materials.

The keys of the flute can be found with open plates (with holes in the keys) or closed plates (without holes), and also in the mechanism itself we can see it aligned (mechanism in a straight line) or misaligned (advanced G key) for a better ergonomics.

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The flute is an instrument with enormous possibilities. Not only for its versatility, but also for many other no less important benefits. Here we tell you everything you need to know if you want to buy a flute.

When someone starts playing the flute, the first thing they notice is an improvement in their ability to breathe. Going up and down stairs, playing sports, or staying calm in stressful situations is now easier than ever. And it is normal, since playing this instrument is a whole “diaphragmatic” training that has repercussions on the day to day.

In addition, it is not difficult to learn (at beginner levels, of course). In fact, it is the first instrument that is recommended to all those people who want to learn another more complicated instrument in the future. Playing the flute lays a solid foundation that will help you throughout your musical career.

It should also be mentioned how this instrument not only has positive physical or musical repercussions. It goes much further, being a very complete mental or psychic training.

Many studies have shown how people of all types of life benefit from playing an instrument like this at school, at work, or in the business world. For example, many children improve their grades in subjects such as math or language by developing their musical ability. This is undoubtedly one more reason to learn this great instrument. Beyond all this, there is a reason more powerful than any of the above… and that is that the flute just sounds wonderful!

If you don't believe it, listen to such famous compositions as those by Saverio Mercadante, Peter Joseph von Lindpaintner, Beethoven, Friedich Kuhlau, among others. It is without a doubt a clear, powerful, and sweet sound that everyone loves. That's why it's so easy to get hooked.

Types of flutes that exist - What you should know about them

The flute is a wind musical instrument, which is made up of a cylindrical tube with holes, and which is played by blowing through one of its ends. At the same time, some of its holes are covered and uncovered with the fingers, or in certain types of flutes, with keys. This is the general operation of this instrument.

As for types of flute, we can find more than nine different ones. On the one hand, the transverse flute and sweet flute, which, although made of metal, belong to the woodwind family. This is due to the fact that the first ones that were made were made of the latter material.

However, with the advent of machines, metal transverse flutes began to be built. This type of flute is characterized by its elegant appearance and its harmonic register, which are of great interest in the musical field.

The transverse flute is capable of reproducing different harmonies or registers, which is produced by covering its metal keys with the fingers and emitting the sound in a certain way. The result is clear, immersive sound that is ideal for any type of musical ensemble, be it an orchestra, band, or jazz ensemble. Another type of flute is the famous piccolo.

This is a woodwind instrument that sounds in the key of C. It is a type of small flute, with characteristics similar to the transverse flute but with a reduced size. The piccolo or piccolo is also a transposing instrument, with a sound one octave higher than its actual sound. This avoids too many extra lines on staves.

It is a type of instrument that is famous for its sharp sound that makes it special and unique in any musical group, especially bands or orchestras.

Buy flute - Where to buy quality flute? - Transverse flute or sweet flute?

If you are looking to enter the wonderful world of the transverse flute, or if you are looking for flutes with more advanced features to continue your learning, we can help you here.

In our online store of musical instruments you can find all kinds of flutes, ranging from the most basic for beginners, to the most advanced flutes made of gold.

Here, you choose.

Discover now, for example, the flutes of Roy Benson or Arnolds & Sons. If you are a beginner, these flutes that you can find here can go like a glove. For a super cheap price, you have all the material you need to learn with guarantees. If your level is more advanced, take a look at the Japanese flutes, which never fail, such as the Mugazawa flutes or the excellent Muramatsu.

Finally, if what you are looking for is the most premium quality on the market, here you can find flutes from brands such as Sankyo. Their range of flutes, handcrafted with 10 karat gold heads and bodies, are sure to take your breath away.

Discover these and other types of flutes and accessories here.

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The NUVO TooT is the sister instrument of the DooD. For a child ready to progress from the recorder,..
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