Bb Clarinet

Bb Clarinet

Find in this section Clarinets, Bass Clarinets, Eb Clarinets, or accessories such as: clarinet mouthpieces, reeds, cases or any accessory related to the clarinet, bass clarinet or Eb Clarinet.

We have a wide range of beginner, intermediate and professional clarinets since we are official distributors of Selmer Paris clarinets, and the best brands such as: Vandoren Mouthpieces, Bam Cases, Protec, BG Ligatures, Rovner, F. Arthur Uebel Clarinets, and many others.

From the woodwind family, the clarinet is a simple reed instrument currently made of wood mainly for professional instruments, and resin or ABS for beginner instruments.

With an agile response, the clarinet is an instrument with a very wide timbre extension in its register and the most extended system is the French system (Boehm) but we can also find clarinets with the German system (Öhler).

Considered the closest instrument to the human voice for Mozart, he wrote great concertos and pieces for clarinet, and already in Romanticism he played a fundamental role in the orchestra for Beethoven.

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The clarinet is a musical instrument which belongs to the woodwind family; along with the flute, the oboe and the bassoon. It has a simple type cane and a body that can be made of wood with an optimal key system. The clarinet, in addition to the keys, also has holes that can be clogged with the fingers.

The term "clarinet" is derived from the French "clarine" or "clarinette", in addition to originating from the Latin word "clarus" used to refer to perceptible and sharp sounds.

The sonority of the timbre of the clarinet is ideal for interpreting passages as a soloist, it is also an instrument with great agility, so the execution of trills and chromatisms fits perfectly.

The timbre of the clarinet is thanks to the cylindrical geometry that its body represents, which causes an almost complete cancellation in the even harmonics. Over the years a wide variety of works and concertos have been written for clarinets, such as the Concerto in A major for orchestra and clarinet, by its composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Clarinet history

There is evidence that the clarinet existed in the Middle East; It is a very old instrument, because, at that time, what would become the ancestors of the clarinet were manufactured, they consisted of making instruments with a cut, adding holes to change the notes, and their mouthpieces were made of a bamboo stick or reeds.

Later, the chalumeau was created, which was quite popular in France for the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. But, to this chalumeau some modifications were applied; a cylindrical tube with a simple reed, 7 holes, a flag and two keys was added to it; giving rise to the first clarinet. The invention of the clarinet is due to the German Johann Christoph Denner in the seventeenth century.

After this, the clarinet evolved, bringing with it a wide diversity in clarinet types, such as the sopranino clarinet; used in military bands, the contrabass clarinet; used in clarinet ensembles, the bass clarinet; for contemporary music and jazz, soprano clarinet and the alto generally used in chamber music, among others.

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Clarinet Accessories

At "la Musa Instrumentos" we have at your disposal a wide variety of clarinet accessories, depending on the type you choose, in different models and brands. Some accessories for clarinets are mouthpieces, clamps, barrels, pendants, reeds, bells, reed cases, grease and oils, cleaners, supports, among others.

The mouthpieces of the clarinets are responsible for emitting a vibration so that the peculiar sound that characterizes said instrument is generated, by means of the breath of air. Therefore, if you are going to buy a clarinet, you cannot pass up the opportunity to purchase your mouthpiece at "la Musa Instrumento" where you can choose between the best brands, colors and materials.

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The Eb clarinet, also has some specific accessories, which we have in stock for you. Therefore, when buying a Bb clarinet, you cannot miss the opportunity to purchase its particular accessories such as stands, reed cutters, pendants, clamps, mouthpiece holders, reeds, music stands, reed cases, cleaners, among others.

In "La Musa Instrumentos" we have a wide selection of clarinets, so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements, if you are a beginner even if you are a professional. All our instruments and accessories have an excellent price in the market.

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