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Bb Clarinet

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From the woodwind family, the clarinet is a simple reed instrument currently made of wood mainly for professional instruments, and resin or ABS for beginner instruments.

With an agile response, the clarinet is an instrument with a very wide timbre extension in its register and the most extended system is the French system (Boehm) but we can also find clarinets with the German system (Öhler).

Considered the closest instrument to the human voice for Mozart, he wrote great concertos and pieces for clarinet, and already in Romanticism he played a fundamental role in the orchestra for Beethoven.

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Learn about the history and characteristics of the clarinet

Are you passionate about the clarinet! Discover all the details about this subtle instrument. Don't miss them!

The clarinet is a musical instrument belonging to the woodwind family; along with the flute, oboe, and bassoon. It has a single-reed and a body that can be made of wood with an optimal key system. The clarinet, in addition to the keys, has holes that can be covered with the fingers.

The timbre of the clarinet is due to the cylindrical geometry of its body, which causes an almost complete cancellation of the even harmonics. Its sonority is ideal for playing solo passages, likewise, it is an instrument with great agility, making it perfect for the execution of trills and chromatisms.

Over the years, this instrument has been present in an immense amount of works and pieces enjoyed by all audiences; from animated characters and movies to songs and performances around the world.


A bit of history

There is evidence that the clarinet existed in the Middle East; it was an ancient instrument used by shepherds. At that time, they were made with a cut, adding holes to change the notes, and their mouthpieces were made of bamboo or reeds.

The creator and the exact date the clarinet was invented are not known for sure. Different historians attribute the invention to the German woodwind instrument maker Johann Christoph Denner in the 17th century.

The clarinet was created from an instrument called chalumeau, which was quite popular in France during the 15th and 16th centuries. This model underwent some modifications; a cylindrical tube with a single reed, 7 holes, a bell, and two keys were added; giving rise to the first clarinet.

After this, the clarinet evolved, bringing with it a wide diversity in types of clarinets such as, for example, the sopranino clarinet; used in military bands, the contrabass clarinet; used in clarinet ensembles, the bass clarinet; for contemporary music and jazz, soprano clarinet, and the alto usually used in chamber music, among others.


Types of clarinets and their parts

After the modification of the chalumeau, different types of clarinets emerged, and it's a good idea to know them when looking to buy a specific clarinet.

  • E-flat Clarinet: its sound is sharp, and it is the smallest of the clarinets. It is more used in musical bands than in orchestras.

  • Soprano Clarinet: it is the most well-known type of clarinet and is used for orchestra music. Generally, it is tuned in B-flat and A.

  • Basset Clarinet: its lowest register is in C. They are usually tuned in A, but models tuned in B-flat and C can also be found.

  • Alto or Tenor Clarinet: has a neck and a bell curve similar to a sax. It is tuned in E-flat.

  • Bass Clarinet: it is mainly used in clarinet ensembles, music bands, and orchestras. It is larger than the alto clarinet and is tuned in B-flat, A, and C.

  • Contralto Clarinet: it is characterized by a much deeper sound than the bass clarinet.

  • Contrabass Clarinet: it is not very common, rarely seen in orchestras. It is of great size and emits the deepest sound of the entire clarinet family.

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Parts of the clarinet

If you are eager to buy a clarinet for beginners, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with its parts:

  • Mouthpiece: this is where the sound originates, and the reed is attached with screws and ligatures to blow. This piece is generally made of plastic or hard rubber, though there are models made of metal, glass, and crystal.

  • Barrel Joint or barrel: serves to tune the clarinet and adapt it to the tone and style of the performer or orchestra.

  • Upper Body: here are located the keys for the left hand.

  • Lower Body: has the keys for the right hand.

  • Bridge Key: these are the keys that connect the mechanism of the upper and lower parts.

  • Bell: is located at the bottom and is responsible for projecting the instrument's sound.


What to consider before buying a clarinet?

Now that you know where to buy a clarinet, it's time to decide which is the best for you. Take into account the following recommendations:

  • Your skill with the clarinet should be the key factor in making the most accurate decision. It's important to know the utility that will be given to the instrument.

  • Consider its ergonomics and the type of sound you want.

  • If you are a professional or beginner, examine the quality of the clarinet. Take a look at our online store and discover the extensive stock, we have Selmer clarinet and other recognized brands to always offer you the best.

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