Reed case for baritone saxophone

Reed case for baritone saxophone

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Baritone Sax FORESTONE Premium Reed Case

The Forestone Premium Reed Case has a glass plate inside. Easy to handle magnet lock. Synthetic leather cover. ..

65.00€ Ex Tax: 53.72€

D'ADDARIO Reed Vitalizer Single Refill Pack

Reed Vitalizer offers maintenance-free reed storage. The patented Humidipak technology uses two-way humidity control to prevent warping and keep your reeds stable in any weather conditions. Prevents warping and reed damage. Keeps reeds stab..

3.50€ Ex Tax: 2.89€

D´Addario reed case for clarinet & sax

D'Addario's signature reed case holds eight of any size clarinet or saxophone reeds, from Eb clarinet through Baritone Saxophone, and features Reed Vitalizer two-way humidity control technology. Reeds are held snugly to a grooved surface, which preve..

35.00€ Ex Tax: 28.93€

VANDOREN Hygro reed case for bass clarinet and tenor/baritone sax

This reed case is designed to maintain your reeds in optimal humidity conditions to avoid any deterioration. It is based on: • A regulated humidification by air circulation, • A hygrometry level controlled by a humidity indicator disc...

32.00€ Ex Tax: 26.45€

VANDOREN Replacement Kit for Hygro Reed Case

For hygro reed cases HRC10 and HRC20. ..

5.49€ Ex Tax: 4.54€