Machines for Bassoon

Machines for Bassoon

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REED MACHINES Bassoon Profiler Reed

Profiler with collar cutting function (CCF) for bassoon, baroque bassoon, contra bassoon or contraforte reeds. Easy to use and produces accurate and high quality profiles. Has 2 marking sets, one for the folding line of the reed and one for..

1,789.00€ Ex Tax: 1,478.51€

REED MACHINES Bassoon Reed Measurement Setup

Measurement setup for all types of gouged bassoon cane and profiled bassoon reeds. Can measures profiled reeds till 32 mm from the tip. The measurement lip has a scale to define how far from the tip you measure.  The measurement b..

369.00€ Ex Tax: 304.96€

REED MACHINES Bassoon Stand Alone Guillotine

For various types of bassoon, baroque bassoon, contra bassoon and contraforte reeds. Can cut splitted cane to an exact length. Combination of a guillotine and the guillotine base set. Available for the following cane diameter ranges: 2..

559.00€ Ex Tax: 461.98€

REED MACHINES Fagot Reed Tip Cutter

Tip cutter for all types of profiled and unprofiled bassoon reeds. The unique cutting concept of the tip cutter makes a high quality cut Small and easy to use. The unique lever system of the tip cutter results in low operation forces. ..

339.00€ Ex Tax: 280.17€

REED MACHINES Profiler for Bassoon

Tip profiler for bassoon, baroque bassoon, contra bassoon or contraforte reedsThe position of the profile in the length direction is adjustable The thickness of the tip is adjustable The length of the scrape is adjustable The thickness of the back of..

2,549.00€ Ex Tax: 2,106.61€

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