Other accessories for eb clarinet

Other accessories for eb clarinet

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BG A65U pad dryer

Quickly absorbs moisture underneath pads. Leaves no residue. BG microfibre washable. last 5 years + , 1000's of use. Valid for Clarinets, Oboe, Bassoon, Flute. ..

3.49€ Ex Tax: 2.88€

BG PG Mouthpiece Pouch

Hold the mouthpiece (with ligature and mouthpiece cap)For Alto/Soprano Saxophone or Clarinet.  Soft microfiber material Protects your mouthpiece from small shocksLeather closure secured by stopper ..

14.00€ Ex Tax: 11.57€

BG PM Mouthpiece Pouch

Fotr Alto/Soprano Saxophone or Clarinet.  ..

14.00€ Ex Tax: 11.57€

BOVEDA B49HA Humid Climate Refills

For wooden instruments. Also for guitars. Exclusively for musicians who live in or travel to extremely humid climates. Replace your High-Absorbency Boveda every three (3) months. Just slip these refills into Boveda Leakproof Holder(s) and s..

4.00€ Ex Tax: 3.31€

LA MUSA Thumb rubber

Thumb rubber for oboe or clarinet Bb or EbStandar size..

3.00€ Ex Tax: 2.48€

MONACOR screwdriver set

6 talls. 1.0 mm. 1.4 mm. 2.0 mm. 2.4 mm.3.0 mm. 3.5 mm. Case included.  ..

8.99€ Ex Tax: 7.43€

PROTEC A400 Woodwind Mouthpiece & Ligature Case

Includes 5 modular mouthpiece dividersIncludes 4 modular ligature holdersLarge gusseted storage pocket for smaller accessoriesReinforced stitching with non-abrasive nylex liningLightweight shock-absorbing frameLong-lasting custom zippersRemovable wri..

58.99€ Ex Tax: 48.75€

PROTEC WLW6 6-Piece Woodwind Mouthpiece Leather Wallet

WLW6. Stylish expandable leather wallet design to safely store 6 woodwind mouthpieces with plenty of room for other accessories. Exterior Features Beautiful soft leather exterior. WLW6. Zip-top closure with custom metal pull...

46.00€ Ex Tax: 38.02€

ReedGeek Classic Reed Tool

The ReedGeek “Universal” Reed Tools enhance reed performance by rapidly and accurately flattening reed tables. You’ll experience the benefits of a truly flat reed and be able to fine-tune the entire reed in record time!Ready to use. Portable and..

65.00€ Ex Tax: 53.72€

ReedGeek Plaque & Gauge Set

The Plaque Set allows you to quickly and easily determine mouthpiece facing lengths and gauge the exact position for most effective reed adjustment and balancing. The topside of the plaque (marked tip) can also be used to support the reed while using..

15.99€ Ex Tax: 13.21€

SILVERSTEIN OmniGuard Lip Protector Out Of Stock

SILVERSTEIN OmniGuard Lip Protector

The omniguard is perfect solution for mainaining a healthy, non-traumatized lip for both single and double-lip wind instrument musicians. It is easy to apply, using the most advanced pliable material assuring a perfect fit. No dental models are ..

28.00€ Ex Tax: 23.14€

U-Trainer Woodwind Set

Basic training device for wind players. Successfully playing a brass instrument requires a correlation between lip tensity and the tubing length of each brass instrument. The lip tensity is dependent on embouchutre muscles reacting to the flowin..

25.99€ Ex Tax: 21.48€

Vandoren Mouthpiece Pouch for Alto/Soprano Saxophone or Clarinet

This protective neoprene pouch is designed to store your valuable Vandoren mouthpiece in the best conditions. For Bb, Eb, and alto clarinet or alto and soprano saxophone. ..

12.99€ Ex Tax: 10.74€

BG A21 Thumb rubber

For clarinet Bb, Eb and oboe..

3.00€ Ex Tax: 2.48€

BG A23 Thumb rubber

Extra big for clarinet Bb, Eb and oboe.  Fits large thumb rest. Protects the thumb from forming painful calluses. Fits Buffet, Selmer, Jupiter, Yamaha, Backun.....

3.00€ Ex Tax: 2.48€

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