Mutes for bass trombone

Mutes for bass trombone

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BEST BRASS Bass Trombone Straight mute

AluminiumSize: 155 x 290 mmWeight: 145gDark and rich sound from its pianissimo. Designed for advanced and professional players.Edge covered with special material for prevent noise and protect the instrument. A high skilled spinning techniqu..

149.00€ Ex Tax: 123.14€

BEST BRASS bass trombone warm up alu mute

Aluminum. Reduces instrument output to a whisper, losing approximately -25dB to -35dB. Extremely Light and compact. 75 g. 20 mm from bell. ..

129.00€ Ex Tax: 106.61€

BEST BRASS e-brass bass trombone electronic mute

Electronic practic mute.   ..

269.00€ Ex Tax: 222.31€

BEST BRASS Warm Up Nano Mute

Solid AluminumMachined finishSize: 25 x 35 mmWeight: 22 gWith Strap-holderFor trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn mothpiece. Also for insert in any Wah-Wah mute. Reduces instrument output to a whisper while maintaining the full tonal charact..

29.00€ Ex Tax: 23.97€

DENIS WICK 5508 Bass Trombone Wah Wah Mute

Aluminium. Weight: 0.4 kg Dimensions: 25.5 × 19 × 19 cmDenis Wick Wah Wah Mute has a new design that creates a change in color without muffling the sound. Whether the stem is in, extended, or removed, these mutes produce a crisp, focused so..

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DENIS WICK 5509 Bass Trombone Straight Mute

Aluminium. Weight: 0.32 kg. Dimensions: 30.99 × 18.01 × 18.01 cm. Since it was first designed in 1968 it has given trumpet players exactly what they need: a mute which is perfectly in tune in all registers, a great feel which doesn’t a..

66.00€ Ex Tax: 54.55€

DENIS WICK 5528 Bass Trombone Practice Mute

Aluminium. Weight: 0.28 kg. Dimensions: 32.99 × 14.5 × 14.5 cmCareful design. Stops nearly all sound while retaining a stable pitch, accurate intonation and the ideal level of resistance. Whether they are being used in teaching or prac..

66.00€ Ex Tax: 54.55€

DENIS WICK 5533 Bass Trombone Cup Mute

Adjusted-Aluminium. Weight: 0.49 kg. Dimensions: 30 x 24 x 24 cm. Wick adjustable cup mutes are among the most versatile cup mutes available on the market today. Whether they are used in solo work, section playing, or with a micro..

92.00€ Ex Tax: 76.03€

DENIS WICK 5553 Bass Trombone Wood Mute

Made of wood. Weight: 0.26 kg. Dimensions: 40.49 × 15.49 × 15.49 cm. Wooden straight mutes offer a special warm tone color unmatched by other materials, especially in soft dynamics. The birch faced plywood sidewalls and marine ply..

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DENIS WICK 5583 Bass Trombone Travel Mute

Aluminium. Weight: 0.26 kg. Dimensions: 14.61 × 14.61 × 32.39 cm. The Travel Mute for bass trombone from Denis Wick has been developed to provide a free-blowing but extremely quiet mute suitable for warming-up and practising in hotels...

92.00€ Ex Tax: 76.03€

JO-RAL B7 Bass Trombone Cap Mute

Jo-Ral B7 Bass Trombone Cup Mutes are made of spun aluminum, and have been tested to perform evenly in all registers, creating an exciting tonal quality that results in near perfect intonation. Jo-Ral mutes also feature neoprene-enhanced composite co..

94.99€ Ex Tax: 78.50€

PÖLT Bass trombon Straight mute

Made from laminated birch wood. Sliding voice tube. Quick response. Intonation. The highest professional standards. ..

155.00€ Ex Tax: 128.10€

TOM CROWN Bass Trombone Straight mute

Aluminium. Copper botton. ..

109.00€ Ex Tax: 90.08€

UpMute Bass Trombone Mute

The UPMUTE practice mute gives a feeling of freedom and total control of the whole register and the intonation, from the lowest pedal tones until the highest register. Following the UPSOUND philosophy, UPMUTE is not just a practice mute; it impr..

113.00€ Ex Tax: 93.39€

VOIGT BRASS Practice Bass Trombone Mute

Can be used throughout the complete register without any loss of quality. No resistance.  Provide an even sound when played throughout the complete register.  Robust and yet very light and are unbeatable in terms of intonation. Enable ..

84.99€ Ex Tax: 70.24€

VOIGT BRASS Straight Bass Trombone Mute

Light and compact. Made of an extremely light, very strong and resonant fibre material. Can be used throughout the complete register without any loss of quality. ..

84.99€ Ex Tax: 70.24€

WALLACE 511 Bass Trombone Wah-Wah Mute

AluminiumBass Trombone Wah-wah mute Unique stay in place stem system Lightweight and robust Does not fall out Perfetly in tuneMade in Scotland..

84.99€ Ex Tax: 70.24€

WALLACE M20C Bass Trombone Practice Mute

Bass Trombone compact practice mute Unique adjustable resistanceLighweightFits completely inside the bell for transport.Exceptional tuning ..

64.99€ Ex Tax: 53.71€

YAMAHA Pickup Mute PM5X-2 Trombone Mute

With Brass Resonance ModelingCombines a high-performance mute with an internal microphone to pickup sound. Significantly smaller and lighter than previous versions, the mute offers superior muting performance, delivers excellent intonation over ..

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