Score for bassoon

Score for bassoon

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14 Trios L. MILDE

 Publisher: Universal EditionComposer: Ludwig MildeEditor: William WaterhouseRelease date: 199623 x 31cm ISBN: 9783702452742..

30.99€ Ex Tax: 29.80€

66 Studies for Bassoon A. SLAMA

Author: A. SLAMAPublisher: International Music Company (IMC)37 pages; 23,0 x 30,5 cmISMN: 979-0-2204-1174-8IMC 1482..

21.00€ Ex Tax: 20.19€

75 Studies for Bassoon Op. 24 Book 1 L. MILDE

Subtitle: 25 Etudes sur les Gammes et ArpègesAuthor: Ludwig MildeEditor: BillaudotCollection directed by Maurice Allard..

13.00€ Ex Tax: 12.50€

Concerto in C Major for Bassoon and Orchestra J. A. KOZELUCH

Composer: Johann Anton KoželuchEdited: Himie VoxmanPiano ReductionPublisher: Breitkopf44 pages 23 x 30,5 cmISBN: 979-0-004-48516-3..

22.99€ Ex Tax: 22.11€

Concerto in D Minor VIVALDI

Original title: Concerto in re minore RV 481Composer: Antonio VivaldiEdited by Rudas Imre, Nagy Olivér Publisher: EMBPublished: 1963Bassoon and Piano26 pages. 23 x 30,2 cmISBN-13: 9790080037713..

12.99€ Ex Tax: 12.49€

Crusel Concert-Trio

For clarinet, horn and bassoon   EDITION NOBP 1385   EDITION (COVERAGE)Score & Parts   PUBLISHER 2005 Amadeus Verlag, Winterthur   0.133 kg. ISMN979-0-015-13850-8 ..

44.99€ Ex Tax: 43.26€

Escalando por el mundo con mi Fagot Curso 1º EE.EE. CD

Author: Antonio Mata Moral.Edition: Piles...

21.99€ Ex Tax: 21.14€

Grand Concerto in F major J. N. HUMMEL

Piano ReductionAuthor: Johann Nepomuk Hummel Editor: Ronald TyreePublisher: Breitkopf & Härtel KGBassoon and PianoISMN: 979-0-004-48202-5 (52 pages, 23 x 30,5 cm, 221 g, Saddle Stitch)..

22.99€ Ex Tax: 22.11€

J.Weissenborn Methode for the Bassoon

This classic method book contains a complete fingering chart, duets for the teacher and student, hundreds of exercises including “Fifty Advanced Studies” plus a section about the instrument...

28.99€ Ex Tax: 27.88€

Kleine Suite for 3 Bassoons JULIUS WEISSENBORN

Original Title: Kleine Suite für 3 Fagotte allein, auch für Solofagott oder 2 bis 3 Fagotte mit Begleitung des PianoforteComposer: Julius WeissenbornEditor: Geese, HeinzFor 3 Bassoons or Bassoon and Piano. With Piano ReductionPubl..

24.99€ Ex Tax: 24.03€

Learn playing bassoon

Autor: Peter WastallEdition: Mundimúsica ediciones..

11.49€ Ex Tax: 11.05€

Method for Bassoon J. WEISSENBORN

Composer: Julius Weissenborn, Ludwik Milde, Carl Almenraeder, Carl Von Weber. Editor P. Laube Fred Bettoney. Lyricist Julius Weissenborn. SKU: CU96 PPublisher: Carl Fischer Weight: 1.15 lbs. UPC: 7-98408-00169-8 ISBN: 978-0-8258-0169-3..

24.99€ Ex Tax: 24.03€

Method for Bassoon KRAKAMP

Author: Emmanuele KrakampArranged: MuccettiPublisher: RicordiPages: 30 ISBN-13 : 978-0041826104..

21.99€ Ex Tax: 21.14€

Orchestra Probespiel Bassoon

Los solos que podemos encontrar son los siguientes: Beethoven, Ludwig van. Sinfonie Nr. 3 Es-Dur op. 55 Eroica -3. Satz: Scherzo. Sinfonie Nr. 4 B-Dur op. 60 -1. Satz- . Sinfonie Nr. 4 B-Dur op. 60 -2. Satz- . Sinfonie Nr. 4 ..

26.99€ Ex Tax: 25.95€

Romance for Bassoon and Orchestra E. ELGAR

Arranged for Bassoon and PianoAuthor: Edward Elgar  Publisher: NOVELLO & CO LTDBassoon and Piano. ISBN-10: 0853604401ISBN-13: 978-0853604402..

8.99€ Ex Tax: 8.64€

Studies for Bassoon opus 8, vol. I J. WEISSENBORN

Composer: Julius Weissenborn. Publisher: Edition Peters. Pages: 43. 23x30ISBN: 979-0-57708-382-7Content: I. The most essential kinds of expression, Tenuto, Legato, Staccato, Portamento, Forte, piano, crescendo and diminuendo -Marc..

18.99€ Ex Tax: 18.26€

Studies for Bassoon vol. II J. WEISSENBORN

Composer: Julius Weissenborn. Editor: Simon KovarPublisher: International Music Company. Published: 1952Pages: 44. 23x30ISBN: 9790220408946..

18.99€ Ex Tax: 18.26€

Studies Op. 24 L. MILDE

Author: Ludwig MildeEditor: Friedrich HofmeisterPublisher: LEIPZIG28 pages; 23,0 x 30,5 cmISMN: 9790203460251..

11.99€ Ex Tax: 11.53€

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