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Helicon CONSOLAT DE MAR HE-120 lacquered

Bb. This fiberglass finish in white. 3 Pistons. 660mm pipeline 18, 5mm campaign. Includes case. ..

1,889.00€ Ex Tax: 1,561.16€

JUPITER JSH-596 L Sousaphone -10%

JUPITER JSH-596 L Sousaphone

Fiberglas. Nickel silver body. Bore: 17 mm. Bell: 610 mm.  Case included ..

2,499.00€ 2,249.10€ Ex Tax: 1,858.76€

Helicon CONSOLAT DE MAR I-120 lacquered

Bb/C. It is changed with a tuning key is not necessary to change pumps. 3 Pistons. Hood 610mm piping 16mm. Includes case. ..

1,889.00€ Ex Tax: 1,561.16€

ARNOLD & SONS ASH-5800 Sousaphone -7%

ARNOLD & SONS ASH-5800 Sousaphone

Fiberglas. Nickel silver body. Bore: 18,5 mm. Bell: 660 mm. Weight: 10 kg. ABS case ..

2,499.00€ 2,324.07€ Ex Tax: 1,920.72€

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