Saxophone for sale

Saxophone for sale

In our category of saxophone can buy a saxophone, soprano, alto saxophone, tenor or baritone. You can also buy an economic saxophone, student or buy a saxophone for beginners with total guarantee and faster market. For the more demanding also have brands such as P. Mauriat, Yanagisawa, Jupiter, Selmer and Schagerl among others. You can also navigate between the best accessories market as kits Bam, Ortola or Tortajada. Cases, mouthpieces for saxophone, or the best supports and cleaners for saxophone for your instruments are in our catalogue.

The best saxophone deals

The saxophone is technically classified as a woodwind instrument, despite being made of brass. This classification is based on the method of sound production. Unlike brass instruments, which produce sound through vibrating lips against a metal mouthpiece, the saxophone produces sound by using a reed (made of wood or synthetic material) that vibrates when air is blown through it. The saxophone family is part of the woodwind section in orchestras and concert bands, alongside instruments like clarinets and flutes.

Learning the saxophone is accessible for beginners, but proficiency requires consistent practice, patience, and dedication. Progression depends on individual factors such as musical aptitude and prior experience. Having a teacher can accelerate learning and provide valuable guidance.

To clean a saxophone, remove the mouthpiece and swab the neck and body with a saxophone swab. Use a soft brush for keys, clean tone holes with pad cleaning paper, and apply key oil. Wipe down keys with a lint-free cloth. Reassemble the saxophone, grease corks, and ensure proper maintenance for optimal performance.

If you want to buy saxophone you have come to the right website. At Musa Instrumentos we have a wide catalog where you can find your ideal instrument. We have different types of saxophone: you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. The saxophone is an instrument whose sound moves, seduces and excites, hence it is used in different influential genres such as blues and jazz. It belongs to the woodwind family. It is generally made of brass and has a simple reed mouthpiece.

Do you want to buy saxophone? In La Musa Instrumentos you will find the best offer in all our models and brands, in order to present you the best in instruments so that you can take your art to another level.

How much does a saxophone cost?

There are different saxophones where the value for money can vary, at the Musa Instrumento we have a large stock, ideal for you to choose one that gives you the necessary quality for your requirements; in case you are a professional. Or on the other hand, a cheap saxophone if what you want is to start experimenting with this instrument. Whatever your case, we have the best offers on the market regarding saxophone price, in addition to providing you with different options so that you can choose the one that best suits you based on the use you give it.

Our instruments are handled by professionals in the area, which is why we are known for offering our clients instruments in perfect condition, impeccable when they reach the hands of our users, with the aim of meeting their expectations. The relationship between saxophone price will depend directly on the type of saxophone and the brand to choose, there are many that have very good value for money but depending on your style of music, your tastes and the use you give it, you should buy one or another.

If you want to analyze the saxophone price offers, at Musa Instrumentos we have a wide catalog for you where you can find the one that best suits your requirements, possibilities and tastes so that you can bring your music to life.

Saxophone Types

It is quite common in case you are starting in the musical world, that you think that there is only one type of saxophone, but this is not the case. When buying a saxophone, if you are a beginner, it is essential that you are aware of the different types of saxophone, as well as their similarities and differences. In jazz groups, chamber ensembles and orchestras, four different types of saxophone are generally used, which although they are not the only ones in existence, it could be said that they are the most basic, these are the following:

Soprano Saxophone

It has the peculiarity of being the smallest, lightest and sharpest of the traditional ones, although not of the complete family of saxophones. Its register is between one octave higher than that of the tenor sax and one lower than the soprillo sax. The soprano saxophone is not the ideal model if you are starting to learn to play the sax, because its tuning is somewhat complicated to maintain, in addition to being a fairly expensive investment to be the first, the ideal is to learn with another type of sax and define tastes.

Alto saxophone

The alto saxophone is the versatile type, commonly heard in big band formats in jazz, orchestral, rock, funk, and pop. Although his name gives the impression of being the tallest, it turns out to be serious. It is ideal for beginners, thanks to the fact that it is easy to maneuver and is a comfortable size, both for children and adults.

Tenor saxophone

The tenor saxophone is a slightly lower model than the alto, therefore, it is larger in size. Its characteristic sound is versatile as it can sound subtle, deep or even strong. And due to its large size it is recommended to play after reaching 13 years of age.

Baritone saxophone

It is characterized by being ideal for playing soul or rock sax music. It is particularly known for being larger and heavier than previous models. Its sound is characterized by being powerful and deep.It is recommended to play the baritone saxophone when you have several years of experience with other types of saxophone, in addition to being a higher cost model than the previous ones.

How to buy a saxophone for beginners?

At Musa Instrumentos we have a large stock of different models, so you can buy saxophone at the best price in relation to quality, and your requirements. To buy saxophone for beginners we have different brands and prices regarding the alto saxophone; this being the ideal for you to undertake the journey of learning to play this beautiful instrument; characterized by being versatile, suitable for different types of style.


Best-selling saxophones in La Musa instrumentos

Eb Key. Professional Saxophone. Metal thumb Rest in right hand. Great Look.Silver Pla..
Ex Tax: 2,725.62€
Finish: Black lacquered body, gold lacquered keys. 3-point concentric tightening, adjustable ni..
Ex Tax: 5,784.30€
TREVOR JAMES Signature Custom RAW "XS" alto saxophone Out Of Stock
The 'Raw' XS saxophone undergoes extra (XS) hand buffing to the body and mechanism which as sax play..
Ex Tax: 2,561.16€
Material : German Brass. Key buttons : Mother of pearl. Palm keys : Adjustable. Thumb..
Ex Tax: 3,966.12€
Easy blowing and vintage elegant sound. Antique finish (AF Model). With High F#. Adjustabl..
Ex Tax: 3,635.54€
The SYSTEM 76 is Vintage Personified. We've expanded the bore and bell of this horn to produce a big..
Ex Tax: 3,421.49€
Rolled Tone Hole. Cognac Lacquered. Hight F# Key. Key Touches: Oversized Nickel Silve..
Ex Tax: 4,209.92€
High F# key.  Upper and lower stack adjustment screws.  Adjustable palm key heights. ..
Ex Tax: 2,966.12€
Gold lacquer. Hight F# Key. Hand Engraved Bell. Key Touches: Synthetic Pearl. St..
Ex Tax: 2,067.77€
SCHAGERL T-900L Tenor Saxophone 2-3 Days
Academica Series. Gold Lacquer. PISONI pads. Includes mouthpiece, ligature and cap, s..
Ex Tax: 1,140.50€
YANAGISAWA S-WO1 Soprano Saxophone Pre-Order
Brass body and keys. Pads with plastic resonators. Hand engraving on the bell. High F..
Ex Tax: 2,809.09€
YANAGISAWA S-WO20PG Soprano Saxophone Pre-Order
Pink Gold Plated Finish. Bronze body, neck and keys. 2 Necks. Pads with plastic reson..
Ex Tax: 7,602.48€
YANAGISAWA S-WO37 Soprano Saxophone Pre-Order
The top-of-the-line Silversonic delivers a deep voice with a relaxed, warm upper register.Key: Bb.&n..
Ex Tax: 5,701.65€
The smallest and lightest saxophone midi controller in the market. It will become the perfect compan..
Ex Tax: 536.36€
Brass body, neck and keys. 2 Necks. Pads with plastic resonators. Hand engraving on t..
Ex Tax: 3,304.96€
New version with a better neck holding fixture and B/C# combination. high F# key. Brass bo..
Ex Tax: 1,528.10€
YANAGISAWA S-WO1 Soprano Saxophone Pre-Order
Brass body and keys. Pads with plastic resonators. Hand engraving on the bell. High F..
Ex Tax: 2,809.09€
Cognac Lacquered. Hight F# Key. Super VI neck. Key touches: Dark Pearl. Hand-eng..
Ex Tax: 2,112.40€
The System 76 is Vintage Personified. It is a true player’s horn, allowing you to find the voice wit..
Ex Tax: 3,406.61€
The creation of the Selmer Supreme Alto embodies the culmination of a century of expertise..
Ex Tax: 6,032.23€
Black Nickel Plated with Gold Lacquered KeysHight F# Key. Super VI Neck. Key touches: Dark..
Ex Tax: 3,391.74€
Copper body. Pink Gold Plated Finish. Waterproof pads with metal resonators. Blue ste..
Ex Tax: 8,511.57€
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