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From the woodwind family, it is a reed or double reed instrument like the oboe. Its manufacture is mainly made of wood (Maple fundamentally) although we can also find initiation models in resin. Its most current development began in the eighteenth century.

Thanks to the builder Johann Adam Heckel (1812-1877), one of the greatest reforms of this instrument was completed, according to the treatise published in 1899.


The bassoon is a musical instrument that has existed for centuries. Its origins are in Europe, and it was created sometime between the 17th and 19th centuries. There are actually two different types of bassoons: the German bassoon and the French bassoon. They both have their own sound quality, but they also have a lot of similarities.

For example, they both use reed reeds to produce the sound. Their sound quality is also similar, except that the tone varies in each of them due to the way the tubes inside are built. If you are looking for an instrument with a rich history or one that allows you to express your creativity through musical creation, consider purchasing a bassoon! It is fascinating and diverse.

Said woodwind instrument is formed by a slightly conical tube. With a length of 155 centimeters and a drilling distance of 250 centimeters, it is a large instrument. You can find it in our catalog in different colors, we sell this instrument in all its presentations, our intention is to offer variety.

We know that since childhood you have the ability to play instruments, this helps the development of your brain and cognitive development. That is why we want to be part of that experience and offer you all kinds of instruments with shipments to the door of your house.

How is the bassoon played?

The bassoon is played sitting down, due to its great weight it is easier to play it in this position, it must be attached to the body of the musician or bassoonist. It is held the same as the tenor sax, the left hand is placed on the keys and the right on the lower ones.

If you follow all our recommendations it will be more comfortable to play, you should feel comfortable to concentrate on the melody. You can find this instrument in our stock, it is positioned as one of the most requested. When it comes to selling quality wind instruments, we are your best option at the best prices. You can manage the entire purchase through a computer or smart device.

Bassoon Accessories

We provide you with all kinds of accessories for your instrument, these serve as a complement to feel more comfortable, either to transport them or improve their use. It is important that you know each of them. Below we mention some of them available in our catalog: Carrying case, microfiber cleaner, muscle trainer, key oil, etc.

Each of these accessories that we offer fulfills an important function, they facilitate both the transport and the use of this heavy instrument. We want to emphasize that within the bassoon family there are two more instruments, the contrabassoon and the bassoon. The bassoon is a smaller version used to teach new students, especially if they are children. You must take this into account when requesting the purchase in our stock. While the contrabassoon is bigger than the traditional bassoon, and of course heavier. No matter which one you are looking for, we have it available for you.

Benefits of playing wind instruments

Wind instruments like the bassoon help you work your breath and improve your body posture. It also helps you improve coordination, in every way improves lung condition for anyone who plays wind instruments.

No matter the reason why you want to start in the world of music, we want to be part of your experience by offering high quality and durable instruments, we are available 24 hours a day.

ARNOLDS & SONS 2006 Bassoon Pre-Order
Student model. Seasoned sycamore maple. Hand lacquered. 26 keys incl high D-key. ..
Ex Tax: 2,478.51€
-Seasoned mountain maple wood from Bosnia. -Stained mahogany. -22 keys made of German silv..
Ex Tax: 7,080.99€
-Seasoned mountain maple wood from Bosnia. -Stained mahogany. -27 keys made of German silv..
Ex Tax: 16,363.64€
Good equipped student bassoon, seasoned mountain maple from Bosnia with a mahagony stain, hand-appli..
Ex Tax: 8,315.70€
SCHREIBER 5091 S91 Bassoon Pre-Order
Key mechanism handmade. Second Bb key for the ring finger9 rollers on F-Ab, C#-Eb. High mounted..
Ex Tax: 21,486.78€
Short Cut Model. Specially Selected Mountain Maple, 10 Years Natural Dried. Striped Patter..
Ex Tax: 5,619.01€
Fagot LA MUSA P-1 A. Reig Pre-Order
Alpine maple. 25 keys. 4 rolls. Silver plated mechanic. Case and 2 bocals includ..
Ex Tax: 1,652.07€
Standard size keywork. Whisper key lock. Second Bb key for the ring finger. 4 rollers..
Ex Tax: 6,280.17€
GARA GSB-10 Fagottino Out Of Stock
GSB-10. 10 Keys. Ebonite.  Case incluided. ..
Ex Tax: 1,156.20€
OSCAR ADLER & CO 1356 Bassoon Small Hands 2-3 Days
Ergonomically designed mechanics. Finger hollow for left index finger. Finger plates for l..
Ex Tax: 6,280.99€
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