Breathing accessories

Breathing accessories

Trumpet breathing accessories have become a standard among trumpeters around the world for improving and increasing lung capacity. In this section you can quickly and safely buy the best breathing accessories such as Tri-Ball, Ultrabreathe, Inspiron or Flow Ball.

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Latex free. ..

12.99€ Ex Tax: 10.74€

Markus Arnold Buzz-R Trumpet

11,3 mmBuzz-R approach trainer for all brass instruments. Handmade in Germany. The BUZZ-R is made of fine sound wood. Insert the mouthpiece and adjust the resistance by closing the holes. The cork can be removed for cleaning purpo..

29.00€ Ex Tax: 23.97€

Breathin bag 5L Out Of Stock

Breathin bag 5L

Mouthpiece included..

19.99€ Ex Tax: 16.52€

Flow ball 2-3 Days

Flow ball

Plastic. ..

2.99€ Ex Tax: 2.47€

UpSound for Trumpet

Black. The Upsound for trumpet comes to meet those needs as much in the evolution and development of the sound study as the increase of our resistence. ..

115.00€ Ex Tax: 95.04€

Smile Plus

PVC and Latex free..

19.99€ Ex Tax: 16.52€

Breathin bag 6L

Mouthpiece included..

19.99€ Ex Tax: 16.52€


PVC and Latex free..

19.99€ Ex Tax: 16.52€

Flow ball Plus Out Of Stock

Flow ball Plus

Plastic. ..

3.99€ Ex Tax: 3.30€

Breath Builder

Increases the breathing capacity..

22.99€ Ex Tax: 19.00€


Latex free..

24.99€ Ex Tax: 20.65€

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