Here you can buy a trombone, kits of trombone, oils for trombone and a variety of articles related to the trombone. We have added brands such as Bach, Schagerl, to. Courtois, Edwards, Tortajada, Marcus Bonna, Bam, Protec, and much more. If what you need is an economic trombone or a jazz trombone or with hangman rotary systmen here you can find the trombone that suits your needs. And for the professional have added them best professional trombones so that any challenge is make reality. That if always at the best prices in Europe and higher warranty and quality

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If you want to buy a trombone, at "La Musa Instrumentos" we have an extensive catalog so you can purchase the trombone of your choice. We have the different brands on the market, and the different types of trombone available, so that you can acquire the one you need at the best price.

The trombone is a wind musical instrument, made of metal, and capable of emitting sounds in relation to different voices. It consists of a cylindrical tube, which is coiled on itself and with an opening.

Its name comes from the Italian term “trombone” The emission of its sound is produced thanks to the vibration of the lips of the person who interprets it, through the mouthpiece, with an air flow.

Its different sounds are produced by the movement of the rod (a mobile tube), through the action of lengthening the space of vibrating air that is traversed. When the rod is lengthened, the sound produced is deeper. There are also different types of trombones, some replace the slide with valves.

The trombone belongs to the metal wind family, and these are made of brass, although currently some trombone factories choose to apply a silver or copper bath.

The trombone is an essential instrument in musical orchestras, although it is also used in jazz; as a solo instrument and is key to groups such as big bands.

In "la Musa Instrumentos" we have a wide variety of types of trombones and their brands, so if you want to buy a trombone because you want to start in the musical world, we have different brands that are suitable for you in relation to price-quality.

But if, on the other hand, you are already a music professional, and you require an instrument capable of offering you all the advantages in terms of quality, we also have ideal brands for professionals looking to renew or buy a trombone.

History of the trombone

In the 3,000 years B.C. When man discovered the existence of metals, he began the creation of these musical instruments. There are findings that show that the Babylonians, the Syrians and the Chinese already had metal instruments whose shape was; type straight trumpets with embouchures.

The trombone comes from the primitive trumpet, imported from Egypt, which was generally made of silver, asla or copper. While for the Middle Ages, these were made in auricalco.

The ancient trumpet had a straight shape, with a bell shape at its upper end. Being a fundamental part, together with the predecessor known as the Roman Buccina, from which the German name of the “posaune” trombone is derived.

But, the trombone we know today has its origins in the 15th century, invented by Flemish manufacturers in Burgundy. His invention was given when looking to improve a slide trumpet of that time.

Over the years, the trombone has evolved, bringing a number of types of trombones with it, some of them being the tenor trombone, alto trombone, and bass trombone.

In "La Musa Instrumentos" we have different brands and materials in the tenor, alto and bass trombone. So that you can buy trombone at the best price. Some of the brands that we have in our catalog are Bach, Tortajada, Edwards, Marcus Bonna, Protec, among others.

Accessories for the trombone

In "la Musa Instrumentos" we have different accessories for the trombone, specialized in the type you choose. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a trombone, do not hesitate to purchase your accessories at the best price; All in the same place.

Some of the trombone accessories that we have in our stock are mouthpieces, marching stands, mouthpiece covers, grease and oils, mutes, trombone slides, stands, cleaners and much more.

Fats and oils for trombones turn out to be a special and fundamental product for their care, since this is of great importance with respect to their lubrication. When assembling said instrument, one piece should not be inserted next to the other without first properly lubricating it, in order to prevent them from getting stuck.

If you want to buy a bass trombone, you can't stop buying its specialized accessories, such as mouthpieces, cases and covers, mutes, among others. In "la Musa Instrumentos" we have a wide variety of accessories for bass trombone, so that you can choose the brand of your choice.

Acquiring a mute when buying a trombone is essential, since it fulfills the function of reducing the sound volume, and achieving effects.

At "La Musa Instrumentos" we have a wide variety of trombones, in different brands, along with their specialized accessories. We have the ideal instrument whether you are a beginner, a professional or if it is for the smallest of the house. Therefore, if you want to buy a trombone, do not hesitate and buy it

Key of Bb, .500” medium bore. 8” handspun yellow brass bell. Hand-matched nickel-silver ou..
Ex Tax: 495.04€
Bb/F Key. Open Wrap valve. Bore: 0.55” / 13,97 mm. Large shank leadpipe. Bell di..
Ex Tax: 2,519.01€
Bb key. Gold lacquered. Bell: 204 mm. Case included. ..
Ex Tax: 279.34€
The Bach LTA47I trombone features an 8-1/2" one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell that has defin..
Ex Tax: 4,627.27€
Bb/F Key. Bore 13,89 mm. Brassbell  8,5". Lacquered finished. Ligh case wit..
Ex Tax: 536.36€
The Bach 50BO2 (or 50B2O) stacked dependent double rotor bass trombone in the key of Bb/F/Eb feature..
Ex Tax: 4,461.98€
Bb/F. 2 Valves. Bell 225 mm lead pipe 14.3 mm. Includes case. ..
Ex Tax: 921.49€
The Bach 50BO single rotor bass trombone features an 9-1/2" one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bel..
Ex Tax: 3,718.18€
The Bach 50A3 inline independent double rotor bass trombone in the key of Bb/F/Gb features an 9-1/2"..
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Key : Bb/F/Gb/D. Bell : 10.5" one piece Gold brass. Bore : .562”. 2 rotary vales Hagm..
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Eb key. Bore .481" / .491" = 12,2 / 12,4 mm Goldbrass bell Ø 7,5'' = 190 mm Clea..
Ex Tax: 373.55€
Eb. 0.468" bore6.5" one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell. Yellow brass outer slideGol..
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Eb. 0.468" bore6.5 " one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell. Yellow brass outer slideLi..
Ex Tax: 2,974.38€
Eb. 0.468" bore6.5 " one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell. Yellow brass outer slideCl..
Ex Tax: 2,643.80€
Eb key. Bore 12,2 - 12,4 mm. Goldbrass bell 7,5". Lacquered finished. Light case..
Ex Tax: 280.17€