Buy trumpets is easy on our website. Trumpets of initiation, for beginners, kids, professionals or for all kinds of music. Bach, Stradivarius, Roy Benson, Jupiter, La Musa, J. Michael or Arnolds & Sons are some brands that you can find. We also have mouthpieces for trumpet, Pistons, trumpet cases and many accessories oil so you will always have the best. For initiation trumpets, beginners or children we recommend brands such as Roy Benson, Arnolds & Sons. If you are already a professional then Bach Stradivarius, Schagerl or B&S offer the best trumpets from the market at the best price

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Do you want to buy a professional trumpet or, on the contrary, are you looking to buy a cheap trumpet to start your music classes? You came to the right place. Here you will find a wide variety of models.

Whether your son is taking his first steps in music and you want him to have a trumpet suitable for his level, or you have been playing for years and the model you have is outdated with respect to your level. In any case, La Musa is an online store that you need. We can advise you, here you will find the best brands of trumpets and various models to choose the one that suits your needs.

What is a trumpet? Its origin

If you want to buy a trumpet, it is worth knowing where this instrument comes from.

The trumpet is a wind musical instrument that emits a sound by the vibration of the air inside it. For this sound to be produced, the interpreter must blow the mouthpiece of the trumpet, in this way the air circulates through the tube and exits through the other end called the bell.

In ancient times, animal horns (bulls and oxen) and other natural resources were used to communicate, hence the idea of the trumpet as an instrument. Later, with the appearance of metals, it was modeled with a finer shape, but it still kept the appearance of a horn.

This kind of metallic megaphone was used in the Middle Ages for military purposes, representing a call to power. During the Renaissance era, musical groups began to form, especially religious ones, where the trumpet made an appearance, although with a more stylized design.

In 1815, the musicians Blümel and Stözel added an innovative valve system to the trumpet that allowed them to create harmonic sounds to include the instrument in professional orchestras. From this model, modifications have been made until reaching what we know today.


To choose which trumpet to buy, you should know that it is a sharp instrument classified within the metal family. Its structure consists of a thin and open cylindrical tube that increases its thickness until it reaches the bell. It has 3 valves connected to additional pumps located in the main tube.

By actuating these valves, they lengthen their length and modify the melody. Another of its components is the mouthpiece, this is where the trumpeter introduces his lips and blows, generating a vibration through the air, which is amplified by the instrument to produce the sound.

Trumpet Benefits

The benefits of the trumpet are many and varied. In fact, it is not surprising the authentic boom that this musical instrument has hit among people of all ages and conditions.

It is an instrument with a long history, thousands of years old some say, and it has a versatility and portability that make it a great option for many.

The trumpet will not only help you read and play music, but it will also give you physical and mental benefits of all kinds.

  • Improve your lung and diaphragmatic capacity.
  • Helps you correct posture.
  • Reduces the stress of day to day.
  • It allows you to socialize, and even improves memory according to recent studies.
  • And if that's not enough, don't forget that you can find cheap trumpets if you know where to look and are just starting out.

In our online store you can find many models and types of trumpets to be able to choose the one that best suits your needs. Trumpets for beginners, with simpler features and more affordable prices, and also professional and semi-professional trumpets from excellent brands.

There really is no excuse not to start enjoying the trumpet.

What trumpet to buy to start with?

Before telling you about which trumpet to buy, we must categorize the types of trumpet according to their characteristics. To make it clearer and easier to understand, we are going to classify the trumpets that may interest you into three types:

  • B Flat Trumpets: These are the most versatile and suitable for beginners. In addition to being the easiest to play, they are the most used in orchestras and symphonies. It is a multipurpose or all-terrain instrument. These trumpets are priced less than other types.
  • C Trumpets: These trumpets are widely used in classical and symphony orchestras, and have a brighter sound than B-flat trumpets. They are somewhat sharper as well.
  • Trumpets in D and E Flat: they were and still are the preferred trumpets for baroque music. It has a more penetrating and heartbreaking sound than C trumpets.

You choose which trumpet you want to buy and use, always depending on your level and your tastes. These three types of trumpets can be found in our online store with a wide variety of models by category.

Tips for buying a trumpet

To know which trumpet to buy, you must take into account what your skill level is playing this instrument. If you are not an expert and do not know the music stores in your area with the palm of your hand, we recommend that you do not risk second-hand trumpets.

Follow these tips and you will see that you will not fail:

  • Look for experts to advise you to know that the instrument you buy is of quality and has guarantees. At La Musa it is just what we offer, our advisors will help you search among an extensive repertoire of totally new, certified trumpets, and with a 14-day trial guarantee.
  • Pay attention to the finish of the instrument.
  • Select a model that suits your abilities, consider the type of trumpet, tuning, pistons, bell, necks and tubing.
  • Always choose prominent brands.

What are the best trumpet brands on the market?

We leave you the brands that you may be interested in acquiring according to tastes and level, and that we have:

Jupiter Trumpets

With a variety of trumpets ranging from basic to professional, it is a brand that provides quality “insurance” you can trust. They have a focused sound and a durable and aesthetic structure.

Yamaha Trumpets

They are renowned for their high quality and musical versatility. With innovative designs and excellent tuning, Yamaha trumpets stand out as a reliable and preferred choice for professional and beginner musicians worldwide.

Bach trumpets

One of the most reputable and best valued brands. His trumpets have a beautiful, clear tone, providing ease in playing high notes. Discover our Bach range here.

Stomvi Trumpets

It is a good brand for beginner students, although we also have a range of trumpets more focused on the professional world. These are pretty versatile trumpets with good tuning.

B&S Trumpets

With more than 250 years of experience, this German brand represents the most refined quality you can find. These trumpets stand out for their cozy sound, and their structure is manufactured in conditions that border on craftsmanship.

J. Michael Trumpets

If you want to buy a cheap trumpet with which to spend as little as possible but still provide quality, this brand is the one to choose. With its Japanese technology, it makes it possible for everyone to start practicing with this instrument.

Shagerl trumpets

The most advanced and professional trumpets have a prodigious intonation and a brilliant timbre. If you're serious, this is the brand of trumpet you should choose.

Where to buy quality trumpets? In our online store you will find all these brands, along with other no less important brands such as Arnold & Sons, Besoon, Cerverny, P. Mouriat or Roy Benson. We also offer you accessories for trumpets, cornets and flugelhorns.

Doubts? La Musa can answer you:

➤How much does a trumpet cost?

Trumpet prices vary by make and model. You can get the cheapest ones from €106. Professional trumpets with accessories range from €1,900 to €3,900. Remember that acquiring an instrument must always be adjusted to your level of knowledge. Do not get carried away only by the price of the trumpet, contact us and we will guide you to buy the best.

➤What are the best brands?

In our online store we offer you the best brands of trumpets on the market at discount prices. Among them Bach, Yamaha, Roy Benson, Arnolds & Sons Jupiter, J. Michael. Considered among the best options on the market. Although they are not the only ones.

Don't know which one to choose? We make it simple. On our website you find the most recognized at surprising prices.

➤How difficult is it to play a trumpet?

To play the trumpet and any other instrument, you need discipline and perseverance, without which it will be difficult to learn. If you like it, and you have a teacher to guide your learning, it will be much easier.

If you want to start playing, go to our website and get a good trumpet.

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