French horn

French horn

A wide variety of french horns brands for all levels, whether beginners, students or professionals, is what you will find in this section, and of course all accessories, such as covers and cases, mouthpieces, greases and oils, mutes, stands or sheet music . We have the best brands and prices, from the most economical ones, such as Arnolds & Sons, Consolat de Mar or LA MUSA among others, and if you are looking for a range of intermediate french horns or professional french horns, you can also count on a wide variety such as french horns Alexander or Hans Hoyer. Marcus Bonna, Bam, Denis Wick, Wallace, Bach, Holton, La Tromba, Reka, Yamaha, Hercules, K&M as well as many other brands for the accessories you need at the best prices. We welcome you to our french horn section.

In the following paragraphs you will read and discover a wide range of french horn, ranging from the most beginner to the most advanced. Even so, if you haven't started playing this wonderful instrument yet, we want to encourage you to do so. Therefore, we will explain some of its benefits, as well as the ways in which playing this instrument can make your life much more fun.

Let's start then.

Buy French Horn - Much more than a beautiful sound

Hermann Baumann, Dennis Brain, Radek Baborak… Those are just some of the names of people who have shown the beauty of the french horn to its fullest extent. And, dear friend, the french horn sounds really good. Its sound is powerful and capable of filling any room, and is liked by most people.

Apart from this great quality of the horn, this instrument goes further. If you have not yet started your journey in this world, you should know that the benefits of the French horn are endless. Let us name some of them.

First of all, it is its usefulness. And it is that this instrument is essential in any classical orchestra or band. Thanks to the horn, the joint sound of any group is rounded and polished. That way, when you start playing, you know you're not wasting your time. Any music group needs your services!

On the other hand, the French horn provides a series of advantages that go much further. I speak specifically of health benefits, both mind and body. For example, playing the French horn will improve your overall coordination. When you have to play a sheet of music, you will have to coordinate all your senses to make it sound good. You will notice this concentration and coordination developed here in other aspects of your normal life. Also, don't forget that playing this instrument is a whole diaphragmatic and pulmonary "workout". Thanks to it, you will realize the importance of inhaling and exhaling correctly, and your lungs will thank you. And on top of that your stress will go down. By breathing well, all the accumulated tensions dissolve. Thus, the tube will become an escape valve for the pressures of everyday life.

No less important is the mental aspect of this instrument. You will not only get physical benefits, such as increased breathing capacity, better lungs, better posture, or a better core. Your mental health will also be super good. In other words, the French horn can help you build your confidence. Think about it. By having to set yourself small goals and fulfill them, in order to be able to play that score that you want to interpret so much, you are doing an exercise in patience and brutal perseverance. It goes without saying that this patience and perseverance will help you in all aspects of your professional and personal life. Also, by having to play in front of an audience if you wish, you will learn to handle the pressure of stressful situations that you may constantly encounter every day.

Last but not least, remember that playing the French horn is fun! Not only will learning this instrument give you a good time, but by playing you will make friends and your social life will be greatly improved.

Which french horn to buy - Which horn to buy to start with?

If you want to find a French horn according to your needs and level (in this case French horns for beginners and students), we can help you here. At La Musa instruments we find a wide repertoire of the best and most varied horns on the market, which will fit your particular circumstances like a glove.

In the case of french horns to start with, take a look at these among many others:

Arnolds & Sons AHR 301 Children's French Horn

With an F tuning, 11" body and bell, and a compact build, this French Horn is perfect for beginners. It also comes with a case included, and if you are not convinced, you know that you have a 14-day free return. Take a look at the good comments people have about this french horn here.

J.Michael 700  French Horn

If you want to take your first steps in this wonderful world, this French horn can be very useful. It is a horn with tuning in B flat, which has 4 valves and a removable bell. Also remember that once you buy it, the price includes a semi-rigid case, and you have 7 days to return it completely free of charge.

Where to buy French horn - Buy French horns for semi-professional and expert use

At La Musa Instrumentos, apart from offering you the best french horns for beginners, we also offer you the best premium French horns for advanced and professional conservatory students, schools or bands. Here you will find the most loved and valued French horns on the market, which will allow you to take a step forward in your learning.

Take a look at these two semi and advanced tubes, which among the many others that we offer here, will leave you speechless:

Hans Hoyer 3700 French Horn

This is a specially designed French horn for student semis and advanced. It features a smaller grip and a slightly smaller handmade bell that still produces a beautiful sound that will fit in with your band or orchestra.

It stands out for its ease and ergonomics. This will allow you to succeed faster, since the enjoyment of playing it will be much greater, with its features so accessible. Remember that it has a tuning in F, it is golden, and it has a fixed bell of 310 mm.

Alexander 103 GLA F/Bb Detachable Double French Horn

If you are looking for the most premium French horn on the market, this may be the answer to your search. With a beautiful golden design, with 4 cylinders and a removable bell, this horn is intended for professionals and lovers of the horn as a whole.

The Alexander 103 GLA responds to the demand of the best artists in the world, who have made it an exceptional model. It is a horn with unparalleled timbre and tuning, with a beautiful design finished in gold.

Discover this and many more horns and French horn accessories here: cases, mutes, cleaners, mouthpieces, stands and more!

For to learn important brass skills as early as age 4. Standard brass fingering. Plays the..
Ex Tax: 106.61€
J. MICHAEL 700 Horn Out Of Stock
Bb key. 4 valves. Adjustable bell. Case included..
Ex Tax: 357.85€
Key: Bb with A-stop valve.468".  / 11,90 mm bore. Bell: 12.204" / 310 mm hand-hammere..
Ex Tax: 2,519.83€
Bb key. 3 valves. Body: 31,5 cm. Bell: 315 mm. Bore: 11´3 mm. Case included..
Ex Tax: 536.36€
Key : F.468".  / 11,90 mm bore. Bell: 12.205" / 310 mm hand-hammered medium throat, fixed...
Ex Tax: 2,519.83€
Bb key. Case included..
Ex Tax: 394.21€
F key. Yellow brass bell and bodyAdjustable handrest (Flipper)Adjustable finger hookTightly wou..
Ex Tax: 445.45€
LA MUSA E-1 french horn Out Of Stock
F key. Copper shank. Case included with straps. ..
Ex Tax: 247.11€
LA MUSA P-1 Double French Horn Out Of Stock
F/Bb. Adjustable bell. Bore: 11,65 mm. Bell: 315 mm. Gold lacquered. Confor..
Ex Tax: 577.69€
Key : F/Bb. Bore: .468". / 11,90 mm. Bell : 12.204" / 310 mm hand-hammered Medium-large (M..
Ex Tax: 3,635.54€
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