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VOIGT BRASS Practice Flugerhorn Mute

Can be used throughout the complete register without any loss of quality. No resistance.  Provide an even sound when played throughout the complete register.  Robust and yet very light and are unbeatable in terms of intonation. Enable ..

74.99€ Ex Tax: 61.98€

YAMAHA SB-6X Silent Brass for flugelhorn

Yamaha 's new SB-6X Silent Brass System for Trombone including mute tablet and headphone amplifier sees an improved and more ergonomic product that not only looks good, but produces fantastic sound. Suitable for people who exercise in quiet environme..

189.00€ Ex Tax: 156.20€

DENIS WICK 5522 alto trombone/Flugelhorn Straight mute

Aluminium. Weight 0.2 kgDimensions 29.01 × 14 × 14 cm. The slightly bigger brother of the world famous Denis Wick trumpet straight mute. Since it was first designed in 1968 the design has become the byword for quality and has become the sta..

44.49€ Ex Tax: 36.77€

WALLACE TWC-461 flugelhorn Cup mute 2-3 Days

WALLACE TWC-461 flugelhorn Cup mute

Full Aluminum. Adjustable cupBased on the 361, with a C-shaped movable cup for jazz musicians who want to have more influence on the timbre.  Made in Scotland..

79.99€ Ex Tax: 66.11€

VOIGT BRASS Straight Flugelhorn Mute

For Flugelhorn. Light and compact. Made of an extremely light, very strong and resonant fibre material. Can be used throughout the complete register without any loss of quality. ..

74.99€ Ex Tax: 61.98€

WALLACE M21C Flugelhorn Practice Mute

AluminiumFlugelhorn compact practice mute Exceptional tuning Lighweight Fits in the bell for transport Adjustable resistanceMade in Scotland..

61.99€ Ex Tax: 51.23€

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