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In "La Musa Instrumentos" we have a wide catalog to buy oboe, where you will undoubtedly find your favorite brand and the model you are looking for. In addition to having a variety of accessories for your oboe; All in the same place.

The word "oboe" comes from the French term "hautbois"; referring to an instrument that has six holes with a number of keys between two and thirteen. The oboes belong to the instruments of the woodwind family, and their sound originates through the vibration of a double reed that has a duct for the breath of air.

The sound of the oboe is characterized by being expressive, somewhat sweet and penetrating. It is an instrument that over the years has evolved a lot, leaving as a result a moderate diversity of types of oboes, for example the picolo oboe, baritone oboe, oboe de amor and the English horn.

The modern oboe represents the whole family in an orchestra, and this is usually an instrument used in solos, chamber music, concert music, musical band or musical orchestra.

In "La Musa Instrumentos" you can find different types of traditional oboes, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In case you are looking for an oboe to learn to play said instrument, we have an oboe section for beginners.

On the other hand, if you want to buy oboe because you are a professional and you are looking for a quality instrument, we have different oboe brands such as Buffet, Bulgheroni, Rigoutat, Loree, Marigaux and many others.

If when buying oboe what you need is an oboe for children, at "la Musa Instrumentos" we have different intermediate range brands that are ideal for the smallest of the house.

Oboe history

The origin of the oboe dates back to about 3,000 years BC. And although the exact geographical area of ​​his birth is unknown, it is presumed that it was between the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Isin and Babylon; where a great diversity of oboes with the name of abud appeared.

The finding of double reed type mouthpieces shows us that the oboe was also known in ancient Egypt around 2000 BC. In addition to being embodied in pictorial representations.

The oboe, which has existed for thousands of years, has undergone an evolution throughout its history, which together with the creativity of many cultures around the world specialized in this instrument, have resulted in a wide diversity in types of oboes.

This great diversity can be classified as traditional; where the bagpipe, the bagpipe, the bombard, the dulzaina, the zurna, the duduk and the hichiriki are found. While in the modern ones there is the love oboe, the baritone, the picolo and the English horn.

Therefore, the oboe has a large family of oboe types. In "La Musa Instrumentos" we have a variety if you want to buy oboe of some kind, some of which we have in stock are the love oboe, the French horn, among others.

Accessories for the oboe

When you make the decision to buy oboe, you cannot forget the fact of acquiring its oboe accessories such as reeds, pendants, reed cases, thread, necks, supports, shovels, and grease. All these accessories already mentioned and more can be purchased at "La Musa Instrumentos".

The reeds or also sometimes called reeds are made up of two blades and a neck, both are joined with a thread, and this is responsible for vibrating through the breath of air and producing the sound that characterizes the oboes.

If you are an expert and have the necessary knowledge to make the reeds yourself, at "la Musa Instrumentos" we have everything you need for the process. We also offer you quality accessories at an excellent price.

If your specialty is the English horn, you will know that it is an instrument that fundamentally requires the use of a pendant, therefore, we have a variety of brands of pendants in our selection of accessories for the oboe.

If you want to buy oboe, you cannot miss the opportunity to acquire your reed case, since it is important when it comes to caring for, preserving and storing reeds. The reeds can be quite susceptible to breaking, since their material is somewhat delicate, and for hygiene reasons it is not recommended that they be stored anywhere.

Therefore, the use of the reed case is essential, at "La Musa Instrumentos" we have different brands of reed cases, in a wide variety of models for 3, 6 or even 12 reeds.

To buy oboe and/or its respective accessories you just have to follow the purchase steps and enjoy your products.

Wood rigorously selected, dried for at least four years. Semi automatic. Silver plated key..
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Semi-automatic. Silver plated mechanism. Grenadilla Body. . Conservatoire system.&nbs..
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Key : CPitch : 440 / 443 HzBody : Dalbergia Melanoxylon composite, Green LinETenons : Metal-capped t..
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Body: Grenadilla woodKeys: nickel silver, thickly-layered silver plated Semi-automatic octaves ..
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Grenadille (Dalbergia Melanoxylon). Octave Keys : 3º, semi-automatique. Left hand F key.&n..
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Grenadilla wood – silver-plated keys. All trill keys – 3rd octave key. Forked F resonance ..
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