STOMVI Reiche Baroque CD Trumpet Mouthpiece

Silver Plated. 

The new Stomvi “Reiche” Baroque trumpet mouthpiece is a mouthpiece for the traditional instrument, but with current technology.

An ideal complement for those trumpeters who combine trumpet baroque and modern since, although at first sight may seem traditional, it is designed to make a comfortable transition between the different instruments. With a more comfortable ring and an internal morphology inspired by our BR system, it achieves an immediate adaptation with sound results more than satisfactory.

Available in various rims. 

CD system (detachment layer), based on aeronautical science and the study of air friction on materials. Thanks to the concentric rings located inside the cup, reduces the friction resistance to the air and therefore an improvement in its passage through the narrower element of our instrument, the mouthpiece.

Made in Spain. 

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STOMVI Reiche Baroque CD Trumpet Mouthpiece

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