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SELMER Supreme DGG Tenor Saxophone

Finish: DGG Dark Gold Lacquer 

New "SUPREME" Engraved 

Key: Bb

3-point concentric clamp for a better neck-to-body connection

Adjustable clamping ring of the socket made of nickel silver

Repositioned strap ring for better overall equilibrium

Hinged toggle on left hand pinky finger keys allows for greater ease of movement from one key to another

Octave key system with Teflon inside the sockets which lighten the action

Direct adjustment arm between the right hand F# and F keys, allowing for finer, more reliable adjustment

Redesign of side key forms and placements, facilitating transition from one to the other

Redesigned shapes of the side keys. 

Multidirectional metal thumb-rest

Leather pads, metal booster

Straps, body swab and neck swab. 

Saxophone cloth. 

Selmer Concept mouthpiece 

Supreme Case saxophone by BAM

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SELMER Supreme DGG Tenor Saxophone

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