Selmer Paris SA80 Series II Bass Saxophone AG

With the evolution of repertoires, there is more and more recourse to instruments with extreme ranges.

The Super Action 80 Series II bass saxophone is particularly suitable for this new trend : its design and acoustic features allow it to be more than an essentially support instrument and to open up much more play in harmonics, just as for any other instrument of a more ‘standard’ range.

It offers real technical virtuosity thanks to optimized ergonomics. Homogeneous blowing and very good tuning make it a highly successful instrument. These sound qualities allow for total exploration of relevant playing modes and offer the means to dive deep into tonal research. 

All Selmer Saxophones are now issued with an S80 C* mouthpiece and the new alto saxophone light case.

Colour: Silver Plated


Key: Bb

Range: Low A to high F#

Thumb-rest: Removable, in plastic

Waterkey: On the upper arm

Non-slip holder

Leather pads, metal booster

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Selmer Paris SA80 Series II Bass Saxophone AG

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