PROTEC BM315 Micro ZIP Case Oboe

Designed to safely hold conservatory / professional oboes.

Extremely durable and scratch resistant ABS plastic shell. 

Slim and comfortable retractable handle designed to perfectly blend with the case’s micro profile.  

Interior Features: 

Soft foam-injected interior mold lined with velvet safely secures the clarinet. 

Extra barrel or other small accessories can be stored inside the accessory compartment. 

Protec’s ZIP cases feature strong lightweight ABS protection. Designed to fit Bb Clarinets – the Micro ZIP Case features a micro sized profile that allows you to sling it on or slip into a bag, a lightweight ABS scratch resistant shell that protects against shock and impact, retractable carrying handle, and a thickly padded shoulder strap. 

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PROTEC BM315 Micro ZIP Case Oboe

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