P. MAURIAT 20th Anniversary Alto Saxophone

Black Nickel Plated with Gold Lacquered Keys

Hight F# Key. 

Super VI Neck. 

Key touches: Dark Pearl. 

Roll Tone Holes & Large Bell

Hand Engraved Neck Lower Register Keys Bell and Bow. 

Keys improved. 

Touring Case: 100% Pure PC – Strong & Lightweight, external back pocket. extra storage, space detachable, backpack straps and soft-touch latch

Condensing the essence of 20 years of instrument development, the master’s skillful craftsmanship, and the impeccable beauty of each layer of craftsmanship, creates a unique sound.   

Featuring the R-Series rolled tone hole construction, enlarged bore ratio, large bow, and large bell design, the P. Mauriat 20th Anniversary edition saxophones feature the classic P. Mauriat open-blowing feel.

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P. MAURIAT 20th Anniversary Alto Saxophone

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