BUFFET Senzo Professional Silver Alto Sax

Red copper body and yellow brass keywork with silver-plating. 

Adjustable palm keys. 

Blue Steel springs. 

Leather pads with metal resonators. 

Bell : Handmade in France with unique engraving. 

Neck : Buffet-patented resonance cavity in the neck. 

Senzo announces the rebirth of Buffet Crampon’s professional saxophones. Senzo, which means ancestor in Japanese, combines Buffet Crampon’s tradition of musical excellence with a sensual and modern approach.  Inspired by the legendary Super Dynaction and S1 models, this new saxophone retains the brand’s distinctive round, sensual and emotional sound with major improvements. 

This instrument is unique in its ability to provide ease of play in executing the most complex intervals and is free-blowing in every register. Even the most demanding saxophone players will find the lower register surprisingly easy. From velvety low to impressively bright high notes, this model’s sound range is infinite, allowing the player to express the most varied of musical styles.  Intonation was a particular focus in the quest for perfection and Internal volumes were reviewed in order to provide an extended and enhanced range of tuned sound (438-444Hz). 

Special attention has been given to the neck’s bore to increase the flexibility of play throughout the saxophone’s register. 

Magnificent hand-made floral engraving brings out the pure copper used in manufacturing the instrument’s body. Senzo, destined to be the new standard in professional alto saxophones, is an essential step towards the renewal of Buffet Crampon saxophones.  It faithfully reflects the combination of French musical instrument making know-how with state of the art technology to meet today’s musical demands.

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BUFFET Senzo Professional Silver Alto Sax

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