997 ALTUS Pure Silver is a patented invention of ALTUS: practically pure silver, hardened in a specific procedure and, with its high density, approximating the capacity of sound of a gold flute without at the same time losing the brilliance and clarity of the silver tone.

S-Cut head joint. Renowned for producing the trademark Altus sound, this headjoint provides vibrant warmth with excellent projection. Its pure tonal center allows the artist great flexibility with an infinite color palette.

925 sterling silver mechanism.

Drawn toneholes. 

Special soldered C#-tone hole riser. 

Pitch: 442 Hz


Open holes.

Split E-mechanism

G offset. 

SP-1 springs. 

SP-1 springs are an additional feature which distinguishes ALTUS instruments. Springs are normally made of steel, but ALTUS has developed a metal alloy which shows ground breaking new qualities. This alloy is composed of gold, platinum, palladium, silver, copper and zinc and originally developed for the telecommunications industry. The material is very valuable and is tremendously elastic.  Highly resilient springs are manufactured from this material which is almost indestructible. SP-1 springs do not rust, are not subject to wear and tear and are therefore very durable. Due to SP-1 springs the mechanism of an ALTUS flute operates in highly precise way conveying an easy feeling, even when playing demanding and virtuosic passages.

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