SILVERSTEIN Hexa Black Clarinet Small

Silverstein Hexa 06 fits in Clarinet Mouthpieces:

  • Backun Vocalise, Claude Lackey Original, Theo Wanne Gaia, Yamaha. 

Saxophone mouthpieces: 

  • Claude Lakey Apollo alto and tenor,  Drake NY Jazz tenor, Peter Ponzol Delrin tenor. 

Handmade EEUU. 

Ultimate tonal control with increased resistance. 

Warmer tones. 

Cord-end aglet for preventing cord deformation and delocation. 

Black Carbon finish. 

Beautiful Crystal Decoration (Top & Sides). 

THE 6TH CORD: Adding one more round of cord, the ligature increases resistance of reed vibration, which helps artists make precise tonal control with powerful projection and focus.

6 SLOTS FINE TUNERS: This enhanced fine tuner has 6 cord slots. The additional length and mass increases stability and functionality. With handcrafted crystal decoration, it is plated with same material as the main body.

HANDCRAFTED AGLETS: Beautifully matched to main body, these metal aglets prevent potential dislocation and deformation of the cord.

Premium Zircon gemstones were added on the top and Harmonic Enhancers by our artisans. They will shine with you and your music on every stage.

The Cryogenic Treatment Process plunges the alloy of the Silverstein Ligature to a chilling -300°F, greatly improving characteristics of the ligature by changing the crystal structure of the metal itself: Resulting in a richer, more natural sound with improved resonance. 

More harmonic partials. 

Ligature comes with: 

 Come with OmniCap that is small enough to fit in a narrow case, secures and protects delicate mouthpiece tip and reed, protects mouthpiece rail, preserves reed moisture, is easily washable and makes no sound when dropped. 

The pads on the bottom of the bridge are now removable and replaceable. The new bridges have smoother metal feet, reducing the risk of scratching the mouthpiece even when used without the pads. The ligature comes with 2 sets of replaceable EZ-pads. 

Anti-Slip and EZ Pad included. 

User manual with warranty registration card. 

The sole purpose of the black rubber pads that are found at the bottom of the bridge piece is to prevent potential minor scratches to the mouthpiece. While these pads provide protection, they also absorb sound energy which can hinder the ligature from its maximum potential. If the minor scratch does not concern you, removing these black rubber pads is recommended for optimal performance. If you decide to use the pads, apply small amount of glue at the outside of each hole. 

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SILVERSTEIN Hexa Black Clarinet Small

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