Selmer Supreme Alto Saxophone PAO Antiqued

The creation of the Selmer Supreme Alto embodies the culmination of a century of expertise, combined with a perfectly mastered manufacturing tool that lives up to the instrument’s ambition.

Finish: PAO Antiqued. 

New "SUPREME" Engraved 

Key: Eb

New neck bore

New Bell bore. 

Modified diameters and locations of tone holes offering a better overall uniformity of timbre.

Realignment of the height of the left-hand mother-of-pearl keys offering a more natural finger position.

More natural and optimized position of the side F sharp mother-of-pearl.

The use of rollers offers a much greater mechanical fluidity.

Double C# mechanism

Redesigned shapes of the side keys. 

Multidirectional metal thumb-rest

Leather pads, metal booster

Straps, body swab and neck swab. 

Saxophone cloth. 

Concept mouthpiece 

Supreme Case alto saxophone by BAM

It has all the qualities common to the models that preceded it, meeting the desires of all saxophonists: beauty and care in the making of the Balanced Action, legendary suppleness of the Mark VI, ease of the Super Action 80 Serie II, precision and elegance of the Serie III, power and roundness of the Reference.

It is characterized by a perfectly balanced intonation, infinite sound colors, and a great ease of response.

Its roundness and projection capacity make it an instrument that is both traditional and modern. The refinement and the care taken in its manufacture as well as a completely corrected ergonomics, reveal an enjoyment and evidence of playing never seen before.Its roundness and its ability to project the ordinary, at the same time, traditional and decidedly modern. The refinement and care given to its manufacture, as well as a completely revised ergonomics, reveal an unprecedented pleasure and evidence of execution. 

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Selmer Supreme Alto Saxophone PAO Antiqued

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