Selmer Signature Alto Saxophone AMG GO

Finish: Solid silver body, gold lacquered keys. 

3-point concentric tightening, adjustable nickel silver tightening ring

Octave key system with Teflon supports

Keys inlaid in natural mother-of-pearl

Pads: leather with metal resonators with rivets

Thumb rests: left hand and right hand in fine gold gilded metal

Signature engraved. 

Included: Concept alto mouthpiece with ligature and cap, exclusive Signature accessories: alto case, strap, silk / microfibre cloth, swabs (body and neck), cork grease.

The Signature alto embodies the renewal of the Super Action 80 Series II model, which has marked the history of the saxophone since its launch in 1986. While retaining the sound characteristics of the Series II, it offers improved intonation, especially in the upper register, and favors emission in the lower register.

Thanks to its new neck bore, the alto Signature presents a significant improvement in pitch accuracy by correcting the octave relationships in the left hand and the upper register. In addition,  the neck facilitates low note response, offering a sensation of exceptional comfort. 

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Selmer Signature Alto Saxophone AMG GO

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