GONZALEZ Jazz Local 627 Tenor Saxophone 5 Reeds Box

5 reeds. 

They owe their name to the Kansas City musicians union "Local 627", of which the famous Charlie Parker was a member at just 15 years old. In honor of these pioneers, who revolutionized music by leaving us a universal legacy, we have put their name on our Jazz line. 

The Jazz Local 627 reed for tenor saxophone are conceived as a Jazz reed from the crop itself, the raw material used comes from plantations that have natural attributes and a cultivation with specific techniques that achieve a more elastic and vibrant reed, characteristics that are accentuated by the type of cut. 

Its elastic scraping gives them a brighter sound and a quick response.

American Cut.

Made in Argentina

Each reed is visually inspected before being enveloped in its reed case.

All materials that Gonzalez used to package their products are fully recyclable.

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GONZALEZ Jazz Local 627 Tenor Saxophone 5 Reeds Box

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