PROTEC Nylon strap A320


Protec’s Brass Sling relieves arm and shoulder fatigue as it supports the weight of the instrument. Features non-slip padded neoprene pad, strong quick connectors made of genuine Duraflex plastic, and is compatible with tubas, euphoniums, and baritones. 

Padded neoprene shoulder pad. 

Stitched edges prevents excessive stretch. 

Non-slip backside. 

4 quick connectors. 

4 webbed loops lengths: 3.0", 4.5", 6.5", 8.5". 

Shoulder pad length: 21.5". 

Shoulder pad width: 2.75". 

Shoulder pad thickness: .375". 

Overall strap length without loops: 28" to 41". 

Weight: .41 lbs. 

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PROTEC Nylon strap A320

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