GF Ligature GF-04M

Boehm system. 

Nicqueled screw. 

For Buffet, Orsi, Rico Royal, Selmer, Vandoren, Larry C. Wood Wind, Yamaha y Zinner Nr. 36. 

Cap included

Each reed screw is like a tailor-made suit which is adapted to the various mouthpiece types and for that reason guarantees the optimum fit and the vibration behaviour of the clarinet or saxophone reed. 

Due to the cleverly worked-out mechanics (left- right screw thread of the spindle) on tightening the reed screw a symmetrical tensile force is exerted on the reed so that this remains in the set position and can vibrate in an optimum way. The safety ring on the screw thread of the mechanics prevents the mouthpiece becoming scratched when the reed screw is attached. 

The reticule impressed on the strap ensures a much easier setup of the reed for the wind player and the symmetrical fit of the reed screw on the mouthpiece. 

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GF Ligature GF-04M

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