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CERVENY CFC 652-5I Cimbasso

Key: F. 

Body: Yellow brass. 

Mouthpipe: Nickel-silver. 

Valves : 5 rotary valves (5th valve for right thumb), nickel silver spatulas, nickel silver valve casings and all trimmings, valves are being manufactured by CNC lathe.  

Bore: 18.2 mm (.717"). 

Bell: 280 mm (11"). 

Trimmings: Nickel-silver hand lapped inner and outer tuning slides, nickel-silver stays.  

Feature: 5th and 2nd slide triggers with adjustable stops, minibal action, 5th slide lowers by 1 1/4 tones, 2 adjustable hand rests, long adjustable peg, adjustable thumb ring, bell with position markers, receiver for tuba mouthpiece, 3 waterkeys, Minibal action hand engraved valve caps and levers, lightweight construction.  

Finish: High gloss polished and lacquered.  

Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, hard case. 

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CERVENY CFC 652-5I Cimbasso

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