Buffet Prestige 1193 Greenline Bass clarinet

Bb Bass Clarinet. 


Neck: Two-pieces adjustable

Silver Plated German Silver Bell 

Silver Plated Keys 

Bell section resonance vent, Eb/Ab lever, range down to C, the low D keys, double register mechanism

Leather and cork pads 

Springs: Blue steel, for ease and accuracy of key movement.  

Adjustabe Thumbrest 

Pitch: 440/442 Hz 

The Prestige 1193 bass clarinet is a perfect representative of Buffet Crampon’s expertise at its highest level. 

It has range to low C, an Eb/Ab lever, resonance vent on the bell section, and is equipped with three low D keys. 

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Buffet Prestige 1193 Greenline Bass clarinet

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