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Contemporary design. 

The lowest and tallest height of any single music stand in the world. 

RATstands Friction System. 

The Alto Stand has a greater range of height adjustment than any other stand. The one stand covers the applications for which other manufacturers require three different music stands. 

The tray has an additional shelf for pencils and small instruments. 

Unlike other stands which can only be nested on a purpose made trolley, the Alto stand nests on a flat floor. Alto trolleys are available for effective storage – however if you just want to pile them up in a corner, or put them in a cupboard, you can. 

Friction locks automatically hold the tray and stem at whatever angle or height you set. There are no knobs to fiddle with or lose, and it will never go slack. 

The base is made of a polymer which does not “ring” or cause damage when knocked. 

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RATstands Alto Stand

  • Brand: RATstands
  • Product Code: 88Q01
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 49.99€

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