ARNOLDS & SONS Gold Plated Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

Gold Plated. 

Made in Germany. 

aS Mouthpieces are exact copies of the famous American originals.

State-of-the-art production methods guarantee con- sistent high quality.

With Ascending numbers the cup depth gets flatter. and the cup diameter smaller.

Generally speaking, the larger the mouthpiece the more demanding for the player.

German shank – D Start ø 10.1 mm End ø 12 mm Shank length 37.5 mm

American Model – USA Start ø 9.3 mm End ø 11.6 mm Shank length 32.6 mm

6C-D: Med. deep Cup. Medum wide ring. Same as trumpet mouthpiece 6 C but with deeper flugelhorn cup and larger throat.

6T-D: Mededium Cup. Medum wide ring. Cup is slightly shallower than the 6 C. Tone is brighter.

7C-D: Med deep Cup. Medum wide ring. Large volume, radiant tone, comfortable to play.

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ARNOLDS & SONS Gold Plated Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

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