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2260RA-L Wilfried Brandstötter MELTON Tuba

F Tuba. 


Bore: .728"/.846" / 19,5 mm - 21,5 mm

6 rotary valves. 

4th bomb o.787 "

5th pump o.807 "

Bell: 17.3 " / 44 cm. 

Height 89 cm.

Manufactured in brass.

Clear lacquered finish. 

3B™ linkage system, 5th and 6th valve inside of the 4th valve slide, yellow brass, incl. gig bag and accessories. 

The Meinl Weston 2260RA is a six valve rotary tuba inspired by Winfred Brandstotter, with dependent fifth and sixth valves. The 2260 is very similiar to the Meinl Weston 2250 style of wrap. 

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2260RA-L Wilfried Brandstötter MELTON Tuba

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