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YANAGISAWA SIXS Alto Sax and Bb Clarinet Ligature

Ligature for Alto saxophone or Bb Clarinet. 

It enables the sax and clarinet to bring out their unique tonal qualities and play to their fullest potential. 

Allows the horn to project well not only in chamber music settings but also in concert halls and open outdoor spaces. 

Reduces the risk of being drowned out by other instruments during ensemble performances. 

Players are better able to feel the vibrations of the reed, achieve improved control, and produce a resonant voice with stronger core.

For all Hard Rubber mouthpieces. 

Six spaces established between the mouthpiece and reed. 

Four small, gold-plated brass discs stabilize the reed, holding it firmly against the mouthpiece while ensuring full freedom of vibration. 

 The ligature hugs the mouthpiece barrel through four Ebonite spacers. 

24K Gold-plated brass. 

Inverted single-screw design. 

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YANAGISAWA SIXS Alto Sax and Bb Clarinet Ligature

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