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YANAGISAWA SC-WO20 Curved Soprano Saxophone

Range: Low Bb to High F#

Lacquered Bronze Neck, body, bow and Bell with Hand-engraved. 

Both ends of the octave key axis rotate in a receptacle that is coated to insure a smooth operation every time. 

The C# and Bb keys have a rocking table mechanism that allows for optimal speed and fluidity between these pitches. 

A player's fingers will rest comfortably in the indented white shell keys. The white shells also enhance the beauty of the instrument while also preventing the player's fingers from slipping during technical passages. 

Both thumb rests on the saxophone are metal to match with the style of the saxophone and the right hand thumb hook is adjustable so that the performer can customize the feel of their saxophone. 

The bell and the body of the saxophone are firm connected by a tri-point balanced bell brace. 

Yanagisawa SC-WO20 soprano saxophone, inspired by the legendary Yanagisawa SC-992, offers excellent quality and strong tones thanks to the diameter of the saxophone and the new design of the chimneys. Suitable for beginners and professionals alike, the Yanagisawa has many improved features including a new system design of keys and mechanisms. That set includes a high quality case, nozzle and clamp. 

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YANAGISAWA SC-WO20 Curved Soprano Saxophone

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