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Prevent sticky pad rot. 

Our award winning leaf-shape Key Leaves props open saxophone key pads G#, Eb and Low C# to air dry after you play. They slide safely under the key arms of low Eb and C# without touching pad leather. Because Low C# links with G#, all three of the stickiest pads are left open to dry clean and free from sticky pad rot.

Go longer between repairs and have fewer rotten pads. Think of it...
You can pay $1,000 for a saxophone overhaul and $50/hr plus parts for repairs… Or...

For the cost of one box of reeds you can buy Key Leaves key props to reduce sax repair bills and add years of life to your saxophone. 

Mold, fungus, bacteria and viral growth can infest your sax and degrade your health. Open your sax to breathe fresh air so you and the horn stay healthy. 

Music teachers hate to see kids miss out because their sax is in the repair shop. Key Leaves help you keep saxophones healthy and in your hands.

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KEY LEAVES Sax key Props

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