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Ring with handle to view / correct vibration simulating the effect of a metal nozzle

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LA MUSA corrector Horn

  • Brand: LA MUSA
  • Product Code: Trompa
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Wind instruments online: LA MUSA corrector Horn

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LA MUSA corrector Horn. Quality first

Your instrument: LA MUSA corrector Horn online, in La Musa Instrumentos you can buy it easily through our website. Product characteristics:

Ring with handle to view / correct vibration simulating the effect of a metal nozzle

LA MUSA corrector Horn of the well-known brand LA MUSA, with which you can launch your creativity, reating wonderful melodies and improving your techniques.

If you are a beginner or professional musician, this wind instrument will allow you to enhance your knowledge and increase your ability.

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Buy wind instruments online: LA MUSA corrector Horn

If you are a lover of music and wind instrumentsLa Musa instrumentos is your online music store. On our website you will find all kinds of wind musical instruments, such as LA MUSA corrector Horn, characterized by producing

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