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The omniguard is perfect solution for mainaining a healthy, non-traumatized lip for both single and double-lip wind instrument musicians. 

It is easy to apply, using the most advanced pliable material assuring a perfect fit. No dental models are necessary and the result is a CUSTOMIZED, long lasting protective cushion that can improve the quality of sound with great comfort and endurance. 

Lip protector for all wind musicians. 

Precision fit. 

Non-slip, secure positioning. 

Comfortable even when speaking. 

Magically customizable in just a few minutes. 

Braces compatible. 

Re-usable, re-moldable. 

For upper and lower teeth. 

Easily washable. 

Made with biomedical grade material. 

Made in the USA. 

Patent pending. 

Including an extra space film, tweezer and carrying case. 

Multi-lingual manual. 

Estimated product lifetime: 12 months. 

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SILVERSTEIN OmniGuard Lip Protector

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