MONETTE Prana Resonance B3 S3 mouthpiece for trumpet

This new mouthpiece has already become quite popular just by word of mouth since Wynton started using it earlier this year. Dave Monette took over a year to develop this design, making too many prototypes to remember! The goal was simply to design a replacement for the B2 that was better in every way. Dave wanted a mouthpiece that had a richer, livelier sound, a faster response, and larger "targets" on each note… oh, and an easier upper register too! We did it. 

Outside Rim Diameter: 1.07

Outside Rim Contour: R

Rim Highpoint Diameter: 0.806

Inside Rim Diameter: 0.670 

Inside Rim Contour: M 

Size Comparison: 1 1/2 C 

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MONETTE Prana Resonance B3 S3 mouthpiece for trumpet

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