Kühnl & Hoyer Malte Burba S Piccolo Trumpet


Bore - ML 

Bell size - 3.937"/100 mm. 

Hand lapped stainless steel valves. 

Monel System. 

2 lead pipes cornet shank. 

2 lead pipes trumpet shank. 

2 Amado water keys. 

Silver plated. 

Heavy bottom valve cap. 

1 trumpet mouthpiece. 

1 cornet mouthpiece. 

To ensure the best combination for each player and piece of music, this trumpet comes with four lead pipes and two mouthpieces for trumpet and cornet. A heavy valve cap is enclosed. It can fulfill its purpose especially well on the third or fourth valve: the overtones and the sound projection in the distance are improved, response and articulation become more precise.

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Kühnl & Hoyer Malte Burba S Piccolo Trumpet

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