SILVERSTEIN CRYO4T Clarinet Medium/Alto Small 07 Ligature

For Clarinet Mouthpieces:

  • Meyer, Backun CG, Pomarico Crystal, Selmer Concept and C85, D'Addario Reserve, Vandoren

Alto Saxophone Hard rubber mouthpieces:

  • Brilhart tonalin, Claude Lakey Original, Drake Jazz, Playnick Lemuria, Otto Link tone edge, Selmer S80, S90, Concept and Soloist, SYOS, Ted Klum New York, Vandoren V5, V16 and Optimum, Yamaha, Yanagisawa

Baritone Saxophone mouthpieces: 

  • Drake

For plastic or rubber Saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces. 

Lower profile design. 

Fuller and rounder sound. 

Strong projection. 

Fast response. 

Enhanced harmonics. 

Maximized reed vibration. 

Compensate reed thickness. 

Improved material for better sound and projection .

New 4 Fine Tuners for maximum resonance and sound control. 

18K Gold plating. 

Dotted cord. 

Includes OmniCap. 

Cord end lock. 

Torque conversion. 

Bi-directional mounting. 

Including Anti-Slip Pad. The Anti-Slip pads are designed to help prevent slippage of ligatures and scratches for those who need to change instruments quickly in the middle of live performances.

Silverstein Ligatures have always been known for exceptional quality and performance. Like the original,CRYO4T is not just a ligature but a tool to discover an entirely new sound. 

The 2nd evolution: Dotten Cord. Interspersed cord with a refined strand – a thinner thread for even less contact and pressure with the reed while maintaining the Ligature’s trademark design and grip. This makes all the difference for greater control, a more dynamic sound, and a richer tone.

Silverstein Cryo4T incorpored advanced metal alloy for better resonance with a wider range of mouthpiece.A nano-scale polymer layer is formed by the unique coating technology over entire surface of the Ligature. -Better resonance -Improve durability -Improved aesthetics with mirror finish

The innovation: 4 Fine tuner: The new Fine Tuners change how the ligature responds to the vibrations of the reed, tuning the focus and color of your sound to give you unprecedented control and flexibility. With it, you can adjust your sound to perfectly accentuate the music you play at any time. (Additional Fine Tuners are now available for separate purchase.)

Silvestein CRYO4T Ligature comes with: 

OmniCap that is small enough to fit in a narrow case, secures and protects delicate mouthpiece tip and reed, protects mouthpiece rail, preserves reed moisture, is easily washable and makes no sound when dropped. 

User manual with warranty registration card. 

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SILVERSTEIN CRYO4T Clarinet Medium/Alto Small 07 Ligature

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