Selmer Paris SA80 Serie II alto Saxophone Jubilee GG

The Eb-flat alto saxophone Super Action 80 Series II represents a significant advance in the overall design of the soprano and asserts itself as a particularly interesting model in terms of sound colour. 

In classic and jazz, its sound power and wide dynamic range make it the instrument of choice, ideal in the Quartet as well as in larger groups or concert bands. The extremely well-balanced mechanisms offer great precision in playing.

All Selmer saxophones now come as standard with a S80 C* Mouthpiece and a Light model saxophone case. 

Colour: Gold Lacquer Engraved

Key: Eb

Range: High F#

Thumb rest: Adjustable, in plastic

Blue steel needle spring

Leather Pads

Metal Booster

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Selmer Paris SA80 Serie II alto Saxophone Jubilee GG

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