SILVERSTEIN CRYO4 Gold Tenor Medium 10 Ligature

For Tenor Saxophone hard rubber mouthpieces:

  • 10MFan, Aizen, Berg Larsen, Brilhart, Claude Lakey, JodyJazz Giant, Meyer, Otto Link Tone Edge, Selmer Concept, SYOS, Vandoren Java

Baritone Saxophone hard rubber mouthpieces:

  • Meyer

Handmade EEUU. 

Cap included. 

The Silverstein CRYO4 Ligature is an innovative new piece from Silverstein, utilising the latest technology to make this premium quality ligature. The CRYO4 was given its name through its construction process, with the metal parts being chilled at -300 degrees farenheit resulting in a fuller, more natural sound with exceptional resonance. Also featuring a pair of Fine Tuners and the Dotted Cord found in the Original Silverstein ligature, the CRYO4 is ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

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SILVERSTEIN CRYO4 Gold Tenor Medium 10 Ligature

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